Record Store Day 2021 VoxBox

Hello. Thanks for coming here.

Due to the Coronavirus uncertainty and limits on personal time, I decided to not order any RSD records this year -for this weekend and also the next RSD Drop in July. This year was the 10th anniversary of the shop opening and I am glad of that and would have loved to celebrate with everybody that has followed us on a wonderful journey.

We are still a Record Store Day shop but if you are after the Official RSD releases, there are other shops in Edinburgh that will be stocking them. Underground Solushn and Assai.

I’ve been slow in getting new releases in but will work on that in the coming months. Thanks for the patience.
VoxBox will have the usual event next year if things settle down. It will be the best in the UK.

The Skinny wrote a nice piece after interviewing record shops about RSD. I always say about RSD that with 500 releases, you are not meant to like most of them. And that every one will be special to a tribe of people. When queuing, remember that even with a queue of 100, everyone could easily be looking for for something different.

Scotland’s record shops on Record Store Day 2021 – The Skinny

It’s a special day. Please remember to talk to those around you and find out what they love and share with others what makes your legs move/blows mind/etc. You will be in good company.

The Skinny asked for record shop RSD recommendations. I miss Warren Zevon a lot. So I’ll pick up a copy soon.

Record Store Day 2021 Recommendations: The Skinny

Thanks as always for coming in throughout the year.


Shop hours remain:

Friday 1200-1700

Saturday 1030-1700

Sunday 1100-1600

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