Meeting Michael

I bumped into Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band while walking to the shop 2 weeks ago today. I’d been to see Mike when the Mike Heron Band played in an intimate House Concert last year. It was a … Continue reading

We Stock the ‘Sound It Out’ Record Shop Doc Shock

After putting out some feelers I am happy to say that VoxBox now stock the brilliant “Sound It Out” documentary. This was the official film for Record Store Day last year. It was released on DVD only a few days … Continue reading

I have forgiven Iggy

With Whitney Houston’s funeral passing. Is it time to reappraise other artists who have  fallen blow their expected standards and down the artistic radar? I am thinking of my long time hero Iggy Pop. He is not dead of course. … Continue reading

“At the record company meeting, on their hands a dead star”

I woke up this mornin’ to the blues news that Whitney Houston is deid. I was saddened of course. She was and is an icon. I admit that I’ve not yet shed a tear but I lay in bed eating  my fruit ‘n’ fibre with … Continue reading

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VoxBox Music became the newest record shop in the world on May 21st 2011. We buy and sell vinyl and other formats of music. We are independent and sell mostly pre-owned records although we are slowly branching into new vinyl too.

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