VoxBox Vinyl Show Christmas Special 2018

Broadcast on Freshair Radio 12/12/2018. Darren VoxBox and Dominic present a selection of Christmas themed tunes you may never have heard before. Well, some you will have; some you should have and some you will never wish to hear again. … Continue reading

The HMV Money-go-round

HMV have gone into administration again. There was a Guardian article saying how we don’t need HMV anymore and the response from labels, music distributors and even independent shops like us is that it is not a good thing for … Continue reading

In Awe of Burnt Paw

Edinburgh musicians Wounded Knee and Withered hand have played in the shop in the past and I will save Sair Belly, Stoated Finger and A Bit of Gout for a future date as they don’t exist yet. However, earlier this … Continue reading

LGBTQ+1 or Do You Wanna Dance?

I know some people that think guest list places are a terrible thing that means that musicians are not paid properly for their work. Well, yes, this is at least partly true in the local scene. For bigger bands and … Continue reading

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VoxBox Music became the newest record shop in the world on May 21st 2011. We buy and sell vinyl and other formats of music. We are independent and sell mostly pre-owned records although we are slowly branching into new vinyl too.

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