I’ll be your Liver

Lou Reed had a liver transplant a few months ago. He’s doing OK apparently. [Not so, he died 27/10/13, I typed this on 26/10/13] He got Hepatitis C in the 1960s probably from a shared needle. John Cale later developed … Continue reading

Outside Leg

It’s taken me 2 years to realise that hitherto unpronounceable Meursault are not named after Neil Pennycook’s favourite sleepy French  town. Is he a fan of their famous white burgundies? I had thought he was. Meursault is the bloody main … Continue reading

Yeah Yeah Yeah -The Story Of Modern Pop

The nice people at Waterstones have invited VoxBox into their huge West End store as a pop up shop to help promote a book. That was an incredibly fun email to open and we jumped at the chance and ran … Continue reading

Songs they never play on the radio

After a blog hiatus, I’m very pleased to say that we’re doing a radio show. Not real on the airwaves radio, but internet radio. That’s an oxymoron you say? Ssh!… don’t analyse everything. Edinburgh University have a student run internet … Continue reading

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VoxBox Music became the newest record shop in the world on May 21st 2011. We buy and sell vinyl and other formats of music. We are independent and sell mostly pre-owned records although we are slowly branching into new vinyl too.

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