The Gramophone Emporium: The Movie

A friend of mine, Rich Ferguson came to film The Gramophone Emporium and its customers during the final days. This was the last shop of its kind as far as I can tell, anywhere. Who knows, with a bit more … Continue reading

One More Cup Of Coffee

Your breath is sweet, your eyes are like two jewels in the sky. Your back is straight, your hair is smooth, on the pillow where you lie. No, I’ve not been in your bedroom watching you while you sleep. The … Continue reading

The Last Shop Standing

I was just pondering sitting down to write this when I found out that Avalanche is likely to close. So I have sat down and started typing. The Cameo is showing the documentary Last Shop Standing on 10th December in … Continue reading

His Master’s Voice

I went into HMV for the first time in ages last week. The one next door to Waterstones on Prince’s Street. They’re selling signed slip-cased limited edition (of 1000) copies of ‘Telling Stories’ by Charlatans frontman Tim Burgess. RRP £25. … Continue reading

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VoxBox Music became the newest record shop in the world on May 21st 2011. We buy and sell vinyl and other formats of music. We are independent and sell mostly pre-owned records although we are slowly branching into new vinyl too.

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