William Henry Miller

I moved to Craigentinny a year and a half ago and have been plinking around with DIY in my spare time. DIY tends to be dusty business and dust as we know is the enemy of records. While mosying around … Continue reading

Good Things In Store

Right folks, it’s in-store time. George and I had so much fun with the bands on Record Store Day that we don’t want it to stop. Also, I’ve bought some foam letters and other arts and crafts materials that need … Continue reading

“Your philosophy is a comfort to me, No negativity, No mediocrity”

The Scottish Album of the Year award is upon us. The SAY award is fairly new and is an important shop window for Scottish talent. The longlist of 20 bands/artists is up now and it will be whittled down to … Continue reading

Smells Like Record Store Day 2013

It’s that time of year again! We are so excited about Record Store Day 2013. This has not been written by our publicist and there is not a hint of sarcasm. We are genuinely very excited indeed. The year has … Continue reading

PAWS’ Cokefloat! Is Contagious, But Never Stupid.

I’ve been a bit unhealthily obsessive about PAWS lately, but if Cokefloat! is not nominated for next year’s Mercury Music Prize I will stare blankly in puzzlement. Then continue to try to plug it and the band to whoever will … Continue reading

Grate Expectations

Radio 1 is trying to reduce the average age of it’s listeners. Aiming for a target audience age of between 15 and 29. which means that my partner and me, combined age, erm, cough….70 in September, have to stop listening. … Continue reading

Record Store Day 2012 Revisited

We signed up to RSD 2012 only when we found that some of the releases would be easily available to us through the smaller distributors. It is the distributors not the labels that provide the releases to the shops. I’m … Continue reading

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VoxBox Music became the newest record shop in the world on May 21st 2011. We buy and sell vinyl and other formats of music. We are independent and sell mostly pre-owned records although we are slowly branching into new vinyl too.

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