Behind The Counter 2023… Act Naturally

The nice people that run Classic Album Sundays came to film us last year for the return of the lovely Behind The Counter series. This is a series of short interviews with the nice people that own and run record shops and include mostly those that you may not have heard of before. It is a very worthy project and I enjoyed spending an afternoon with 2 nice young chaps.

So cue lots of filming of record shop stuff. Looking at records, handling records, putting the needle on records and so on. Loads of footage taken over 3 hours, the cameraman whizzing around. I suppose that this was so that they know they will have enough to edit it together into something that will look good. The outtakes would be good blackmail material.

And it came out pretty well. So thank you to them. It is sponsored by B&W speakers so thanks to them too for helping this series carry on.

Not shown in the footage are the heroes of the shop at the moment; VoxBox Adam who is ordering in some lovely esoteric records, both reissues and new releases; and VoxBox Dom who is a second hand expert and has tidied up the front shop and added a wee touch of professionalism, a record cleaning machine and vintage hi-fi.

It was filmed on a Monday afternoon. I had just finished working a hospital an on-call from 7pm Friday, working two 12 hour weekend days and ending at 9am Monday. Eagle-eyed viewers will notice that The Beatles should not really be above the Scottish Indie section but nobody’s perfect.

Record shop work is much more fun than that, so I’ve reduced the on-call commitment and we are looking forward to putting together a nice RSD event on Saturday 22nd April at St Vincent’s Chapel with the RSD records and better than that, a full day of live music and family friendly good vibes.

Thanks as always to those that come in. Adam told me the other day on the anniversary of Ivor Cutler’s birthday, a customer told a wee story of how they were taught by the great man. On the first day of his class the topic was ‘How to Walk Like an American”. Made me smile. I love the stories… Keep sharing.

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