The B Side Show

I couldn’t make the show this week so Dom did the presenting and DJing. We had planned a MONO show as one of the turntables has a bad RCA cable and sometimes only one channel comes out. It was a last minute drop out from me and Dom managed to throw some records in a bag and off he went. He went for B-Sides as he is the other half of the VoxBox Vinyl Show. It is a pretty difficult thing to do on yer own as the turntables and the microphones/control desk are in different rooms so it involves teeing up 2 records, a bit of chat and running to hit START and reload them and spin them to the start of the record where the music is while thinking about something to say at the same time. Freshair have invested in some brand new decks to replace the temperamental SL1200 workhorses. But they aren’t here yet.

I suppose Dom’s message is in this B side of The Kinks’ Sunny Afternoon from 1966:

And he certainly isn’t like anybody else.
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Full show can be found here:

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