Lunar Vortex Incantations (and rsd launch event)

On Thursday we celebrate the announcement of the Record Store Day 2019 list. We sent Burnt Paw a smoke signal to see if he would like to come down and play some of his beautiful songs and he Facebook Messengered back and said yes. I must get better into modern communication

and poster design…

So the event is from 1800-2000 officially which gives you time to get home from work, have a quick supper and come down to the shop. Or skip supper and get some grub from Bell’s Diner or the Baked Tattie shop. You will work it out. The RSD people will send us a list to pass around. And we can all have a nice chat about the records. Some will be overwhelmed at the 500 or so releases. Many may be underwhelmed when they only recognise the inevitable Bowie picture disc and something by U2. But the joy of RSD is that you are not supposed to recognise all of the bands as you are not meant to be a fan of everything!

Most of the releases will be very exciting to small pockets of fans and if you Dig a bit you might find something you didn’t know you liked. I for one only discovered the Brian Jonestown Massacre due to a Record Store Day release a few years ago and am being slowly bankrupted by trying to buy the entire back catalogue. We actually now have a Brian Jonestown Massacre section. Which reminds me; their guitarist popped in a few years ago after a Glasgow gig (no Edinburgh date!) and I didn’t recognise him. He asked if we had some obscure Australian punk bands and his accent was a bit weird so I asked the fellow which part of Australia he was from and he said California. Cue a facepalm that could be detected by seismologists in Sydney.

So let’s get together; Sheilas bring your Bruces and we can share embarrassing stories and stand around for a bit listening to the wonderful PAW while having a tinny or two -or bring your own grog of choice mate, throw some sangers on the Barbie, park your ute, flamin’ galah! etc etc.

Updates will be on the Facebook Event Page.

Burnt Paw’s new album Lunar Vortex Incantations will be released on March 1st.

Fire Maidens is the first song to come out and it is a fingerpicked gem.

More instore news to come and keep an eye out for our Record Store Day event. RSD is on Saturday 13th April this year so keep you diaries free for that too. We will be doing it slightly (massively) differently this time but if the stars align we should hopefully manage to create one of the best wee events in the UK.

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