Cut The Crap -International Clash Day Podcast

Recorded live in the studio at The Pleasance on 6th Feb. (Edinburgh Student Radio station). Our first show of 2019 and I was told they’d spent serious money on new decks and mixer. Only to find the old temperamental ones with loose wires that often send only one channel to the mixing desk. It adds to the chaos.

Each week I tell my co-host Dominic about the theme of the show, often at short notice and he brings a bag of nice records and I pull out things from all over the place – which seems how they are stored at home – and then we play some of them and have a bit of a chat. I try to fill in sometimes while he queues up the next track with variable results.

This is a pure Clash show with a wee bit reading of a short interview or 2 from a book I picked up in Fopp a long time ago -in an authentic sounding Joe Strummer accent. Only it isn’t a very good authentic Joe Strummer accent.

So this is an hour of The Clash. I love them. Dom loves them. You will too after this!

Police on my back!

Good job I didn’t caption “Liam Neeson On My Back” or we could have been in trouble.

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