In Awe of Burnt Paw

Edinburgh musicians Wounded Knee and Withered hand have played in the shop in the past and I will save Sair Belly, Stoated Finger and A Bit of Gout for a future date as they don’t exist yet.

However, earlier this year, we signed Burnt Paw to the shop label in the loosest sense and have made a wee run of his mini album, Stolen Apples Lost Crowns on CD so he has something to sell at gigs and in the shop. Copies come with free artwork. It seems Paw has destroyed a book to create this artwork, so he is possibly a terrible person really.

He struck me with his creativity and speed. He appeared at the shop out of the blue, he soaked up some bits and bobs of Edinburgh and he simply keeps making music, drawing and writing things down. I like that a lot. If the muse is there, then go there and create. It won’t always be this easy…

Paw kicked off Record Store Day for us earlier in the year and impressed the BBC Radio Scotland team who were covering our event enough to get a song he played broadcast on the wireless as part of their more general RSD coverage. A song that was caught by a crafty bootlegger!

Thank you crafty bootlegger! But alas the footage is gone.

Try this one of a song I don’t know.

Indeed he has impressed a lot of folk since he flew in on a giant white tailed sea eagle at the beginning of the year. With runes around his neck, pockets jangling with odd coins with square holes in the middle and little cast iron keys and a few polished stones – A wonderful currency but one that through necessity is spent only in odd places like my three and a half year old’s mind. Then there are the weird little birds and other things drawn on his jacket. He smells of cookies and his arms are tattooed too. Welcome to my life Paw, I love you.

You can hear the full mini-album Stolen Apples Lost Crowns here:

We released a video for Horsey Horsey which was promoted as a single from the album. Thank you to everyone that reviewed it and played it, there is more to come. A book of poetry in 2019 and more music. Keep an ear out for he is really good.

Liner Notes:

“Mystery leaves a stronger mark than facts on our imagination. Songs are the deep well in forbidden orchards, ringed with echoes and unfinished journeys. Cast your leaking bucket into the black space behind the eyes and see what gets hauled back up. Rocks, dead frogs, whistles, hats. Reflections covered in mud and stars.

I recorded these short stories one after the other and they emerged as complete as they were unknown. It felt like an ambush by my own shadow. Something clicked into place, moon bones in the rainbow’s skeleton. Landscapes and voices brushed upwards against the light before disappearing. They said: creative survival is what it’s about.

Keep loafing. Who knows what you’ll find? Stolen apples, lost crowns.”

Red Dog interview with PAW
Twitter: @burnt_paw

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