Wha’s Like Us? Unsung and Vintage Scottish Album Art

Now look at that face. This man invented the tartan covered Highland Entertainer and so is responsible for much of what you are about to see… He was a superstar in his day. Arise Sir Harry Lauder you cheeky cheeky man.

Niven is pretty intense!

Bill McCue has a present for you.

Jimmy Logan shares his surname with a berry. I’ve an idea!

Not any more.

Another candidate for Scotland’s favourite singer.

Camp as a row of tents. Canadians also loved this stuff.

Hi Jock.

If you half close your eyes, The Piper looks like a bird of paradise.

Jimmy Shand practically invented the standing in an empty field playing accordion look as a young man. Happy hours ahead! Auchtermuchty style.

WIll Starr. The Sound of Starr. Splitting the atom with his accordion. Those eyes!

On foggy hillsides all over Scotland are accordionists like Will Starr. Be warned.

Jack Stitt serenades a rock with his accordion.

Bill Smith in a field

Kilts? Check. Accordion? Check. Loch with castle in the distance? Check. Now lift your right leg a bit…

Yours Accordionly…

Accordionly Yours… Spink was there first.

Bert Shorthouse, the life and soul of the party.

Double accordion! Looks like fun.

Pat Neary knew best how to sell accordion music.

Let’s Have A Ceilidh! outside.

Ranald MacDonald. Just walking around in my day wear, enjoying my loch and singing away.

Calum Kennedy on his way to work.

You’ve got Jimmy in the centre in front of the fireplace with his accordion right? Oh, that’ll do.

An Evening With The Tartan Lads. Almost a Sharon Stone moment…

Scots Wha’ Ha’e by Barry Nesbit. A Canadian so we can forgive the extra apostrophe; he gets the idea.

Will Star is The Daddy of Them All. No fire, but I’m not arguing…

Now that’s a proper fire.

Those were different times.

Twa Braw Lads. The brawest in the land.

We know Andy, we know. Which explains why you aren’t wearing yer troosers again.

Kilts were getting pretty popular.

You can tell Jim is well up for it lassie. (A dance)

Jim Outside.

Jim Outside by the hills. A tad underdressed for hillwalking.

Sorry world, it’s the best we could do.

Whistlebinkies outside in the sunshine.

The Battlefield Band. Home Is Where The Van Is. In this case home is in the middle of a field.

Contemporary Campbells outside

Boys of the Lough. Lochaber No More. And they are not happy about it.

A fashionable Runrig pose for debut album Play Gaelic in a field.

Capercaillie moved Scottish folk music into the 1980s.

Paul McCartney has a lot to answer for.

Poor Mouth?

Home is a ruined castle.


Bobby Colgan’s Bothy Nicht. Let’s get the piglets drunk. Paintbrush sporran??

Again! Oh no! Better start taking my meds.

Going to an Orkney Barn Dance? Hamnavoe will kick out the jams.

Kathy Kay. Chickens, now that’s how to sell records!


Scotland in Song or what are you looking at?

Lonnie Donegan had already converted the UK to Skiffle and the Blues before this LP came out in 1959.

Donovan feeling it.

Whistle-Binkies for the Germans.

Whistlebinkies Portrait 1.

Whistlebinkies Portrait 5. A life on the road and outside can take its toll.

This is fantastic.

Jimmy Hits The Bottle…

O wad some Power the giftie gie us, To see oursels as ithers see us! Australia.

In a Shetland Garden by Shirley and Larry Peterson. This is just too sweet.

Ed McCurdy A Box of Dalliance. A Canadian folksinger but this rare box set belongs here.

The Sounds of John Leslie Scotland A’GoGo

The Islanders debut LP in 1965.

Coaldust Ballads. An album about coalmining. Powerful stuff.

Robin Hall and Jimmy MacGregor. Scotch and Irish. Tartan bunnets all round.

The Jack Sinclair Showband on a Highland Holiday.

Tartan and Trad Jazz together at last.

Highlands and Lowlands with Robin Hall and Jimmie MacGregor

Joe and Sally seem close.

Fae Aberdeen. Ann & Laura Brand You’re Welcome Here. Thanks!

Mike Korb plays The Dancing Queen of Aberdeen. A rare 7 inch single.

The Seekers outside Edinburgh Castle. An Australian Band and some cunning old fashioned photoshoppery.

The McCalmans No Strings Attached. Scandanavia, you won’t know what hit you.

The Bay City Rollers Breakout the mullets in ’85.

Gaberlunzie Take The Road.

Welcome to the Dance. You, me and a crate of booze.

Phil, sit on that box for a second. Perfect.

Rangers. Both the cover and what’s inside could be worse.

Rufus Harley plays jazz on the bagpipes.

And he gets better.

Laugh along with Dot Foubister

Man recently rescued from phone box has picture taken for album sleeve.

Just For The Crack tells it’s own story. Craic ruins lives. Wait a minute…

Hello Jaqui and Bridie.

Hamish was a master of the folk song and I guess liked a pint or two.

Seems like only yesterday I left my mind behind… Watt Nicol is from the stable that produced Imlach, McGinn and Billy Connolly.

Matt McGinn here reminds me of another Glaswegian, great friend of the shop and ex-employee, Nigel.

Ever wake up after a night out in a tree?

Billy’s nose.

An album of songs about how to turn leftovers into a meal the next day. Stovies.
Wait, maybe they are leftover songs turned into an album?

Edinburgh folk trio The Cairn released A Collection of “Scotch” Folk for the Americans. Bottle of “scotch” whisk(e)y included.

Company Policy is “more hair the better” and one of you is letting the side down.

Something Old, Something New by The Alexander Brothers. Can you undo a few more buttons and pretend you’re holding lightsabres?

The Jacobites. They’ve got the leg right.

Jesse Rae modelling Scottish beach wear.

These were the good times for the Bay City Rollers which is why they’re smiling.

Grey skies, hands on hips and Dedication is all you need. Glam Loch.

Willie Sutherland on Grampian Records with some good advice.

Looking like a badass preacher from Louisiana here Willie!


By this stage Rufus was mainlining $200 of tartan a day.

A Gordon for me? Thanks!

Moira takes the car to get the shopping. For running errands around town she takes the horse.

Frank Begbie’s dad. Don’t forget the cairds!

A lonely Hogmanay with Arthur Spink. As it’s almost New Year, if you are lucky he might even turn the fire on.

A warning to all those wanting a selfie with the Big Yin. You Take My Photograph (I Break Your Face)

Nailed it this time Jimmy Shand Jr!

Heeeere’s Krankie! Two Sides Of The Krankies is wrong in so many ways.

Kymm’s self titled second album released on Nevis records. As it says on the back: “Listen to this LP and you will be convinced that here is a star in the making! You’ll be hearing lots more of Kymm -Lots more.”

Normal for Fife.

Scottish Love Songs by the Corries. AKA Up The Dirt Track. Nothing says Love in Scotland more than 2 hairy men up a muddy road on a dreich winter’s day.

An Old Raincoat Won’t Let You Down. Bloody hell Rod! How can a song about homelessness turn into this?

I can’t even begin to know what this is. The Average White Band’s debut album, Show Your Hand was probably still offensive in 1973. The bum logo was a big improvement.

Alastair MacDonald Sings Robert Burns and Davy Handlebar Moustache.

They look really friendly. Looking the wrong WAY, Shetland’s Rhythym Group.

One of the greatest mysteries of Scottish music, Borderline by Nigel Denver. Complete with paintbrush sporran.

Gaberlunzie with Scotland AGAIN! Reminds me of Olaf from Wide Days with Ian Rankin on guitar.

The MacNish Distillery Pipe Band. “Quick Lads the Sun’s out, let’s get that album picture!”

After reaching the end, you are probably feeling like this. Comes with printed lyrics so you can have a greet too.

The Wally Dugs, The Road to Dundee! Even Frodo would turn back.

The Marlettes from Rutherglen/Cambuslang. Still gigging.

My favourite. Those jeans are a bit tight at the groin. Gaughan “That’ll do Dick!”

The album thread is very much a work in progress. Please get in touch with pics of any gems that we’ve missed. There are a few smaller themed posts in the pipeline but for now, this will do.

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