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In case you haven’t heard, Friday is the New Global Release Day. Q: Tell me why? A: They don’t like Mondays… There was a meeting and some industry types thought it would revive the music business and some independent shops complained about it but it is now what it is and it’ll be #newmusicfriday from now on. The new release day actually suits our shop pretty well as we’re open Wednesday-Sunday and get most sales over the weekend. We have a new chart scanner too and it’s good to think that selling a few new releases might help a band into the charts. Beep. Scanning is more fun than it should be.

DM Band

Moving on, I’m happy to say that the our label’s first single release,Vultures by Delta Mainline (above) premiered on The 405’s website with the B-side, a remix by Miaoux Miaoux premiering on the God Is In The TV zine. Finally, the video was premiered on Clash this week. Many thanks to the friendly reviewers and music bloggers that have also picked up on the single so far. An up and coming band need some nice and honest things said about them. Edinburgh’s very own up and coming writing talent Ian Rankin called it a gorgeous single which was very kind. He has been a real champion of Edinburgh talent over the years.

Although it’s available to download, there are only 250 physical copies available for sale. Not enough to hit the charts but maybe enough to get into a future edition of Record Collector magazine… It is on opaque green vinyl and has a printed inner sleeve with Come On Back Now From The Edge artwork and is simply a beautiful package. The record’s centre label says PLAY LOUD as all good records do and that’s good advice up to a point. See below.

Ziggy played guitar but boy, did he ruin your speakers

Ziggy played guitar but boy, did he ruin your speakers

The Abbey Road production on the song is so good that it even sounds great through a computer; but for the full experience do play it on a decent hifi. Don’t turn it up too loud as it begins quietly and might give you a fright 2 minutes in. Or, hell! Just turn it up and see what happens.

The video was directed by multi-award nominated Danish artist and filmmaker Jonas Bak. It’s great. A depiction of our new austere times and shows that a person’s battle against real and internal adversaries can be won -that self improvement is achievable and with it perhaps spiritual enlightenment will follow. Or something like that. [mumbles]

You can order from the band website or pick up/reserve one from the VoxBox shop.
For a cheap copy for your mp3 player, the single is also available from itunes.

Please share, PLAY LOUD and spread the word if you can. This Edinburgh 5 piece have made a world class single and there is still an exciting new album to come. Here is Vultures:



The B-side:

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