What’s your news?

My apologies for not updating Facebook and Twitter and so on very much over the past few weeks, I’ve had a topsy-turvy month and haven’t even really been in the shop for the past fortnight.

Inquisitively, as my friendly next door neighbour says; “So… what’s your news?”

There’s loads of stuff to shout about and, I’m chuffed to now find out that absolutely everyone on the street received the same letter from the council warning about putting garden waste -leaves and clippings and such- over the back fence into the council nature reserve bit. Ahem, we have allegedly stuck a Christmas tree (now 2 years old) in a gap to kind of block the burglars.

Enough of this, there are lots of shop and record related things to be excited about in 2015 that I’d like to quickly share just now.

An excellent find only last week was Kathryn Joseph. She has made a really wonderful record, called bones you have thrown me and blood I’ve spilled. She played a launch gig the other day and I’m already smitten. The folk that put out Frightened Rabbit’s first record have resurrected their Hits The Fan label to put the album out. We managed to have a wee chat after the show too and (unusually) I didn’t say anything too stoopid.*
“I’d love to have some for the shop”. “I only had 250 made and I’m running out”. “Shucks, that’s ok, best sell them yourself then. Erm… Get a repress ASAP please… and we’ll stick them on the shelf”.

Until then, you can listen to the album here: http://www.kathrynjoseph.co.uk/ And a song below…

Someone could make her very famous indeed. If that’s you – Please do it!


In other exciting news, the already pretty famous Twilight Sad have arranged to play a series of record shop in-stores during February. I am incredibly happy to say that they are playing in VoxBox on Saturday the 14th of February at 4pm. They have had such a great 2014 and we are all very humbled to have them play here. This Facebook Event link will have the up to date info in case of any last minute changes. They are releasing a limited edition picture disc available only through participating shops and the band’s own website. They have just won the BAMS award for best album and have been top of every Scottish music bloggers list for ‘album of 2014’ with Nobody Wants To Be Here And Nobody Wants To Leave.

The Twilight Sad Instore

The shop is a bit wee… The Twilight Sad are quite popular… Arrive early… Bring a tipple… Buy the single… Support the band… Have fun… (In a piece of arch capitalism, I can guarantee entry to fans that buy the single and even then the earlier the better).

March sees the shop’s spin-off label, FoxBox Records’ 1st vinyl release. A big ten inch… record of a band that plays the blues**.

The Holy Ghosts have a new release and it’s a fine thing! It’s FXY003 and it is a four song EP called End Of The World And Other Multifarious Destinations. Expect more of the good time rock and roll that the Edinburgh band have become famous for. If you liked The Stones circa 1972, then this could be your new favourite band! If you come to the shop on Wednesdays and Thursdays, you may even recognise the poncho wearing chap below.

Holy Ghosts

They play launch shows in Edinburgh at The Caves on Friday the 13th March supported by [the incredible] Miracle Glass Company and in Glasgow at the Record Factory on Saturday the 14th.

Sooner than that, there is a free show at the Electric Circus on the 3rd February before a tour of France.

So a few nice things to look forward to there.

All trumped for me at least by the biggest release of 2015. Already! What was this musical beauty?

Nowt musical I’m afraid… On the 16th of January, Mrs VoxBox had a release and I became a poppa. An heir to the VoxBox empire maybe? Who knows? He’s a bonny wee guy. I hope he likes good music and I hope he grows up to like records (only after he’s a toddler). On that though, I don’t really mind. Mostly, I hope he finds eventually something he really likes and can get stuck into for a while. At the moment he likes sleeping a little bit more than music.

Indeed, I hope I still like records when I’m covered in possets and all manner of baby deposits.

Our wee lad came 8 weeks early and because of that he still needs a lot of visiting, but with a wee bit of luck the shop should manage to stay up to date. All is well with him and it looks as if VoxBox Aiden will manage his first shift at VoxBox with his pops later in the year.

"What's a VoxBox Pops?"

“What’s a VoxBox Pops?”

* Oh bugger. I did let it slip out that I was a big Tori Amos fan circa Under The Pink

** Bullmoose Jackson… Big Ten Inch. This is fun.

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