Songs they never play on the radio

After a blog hiatus, I’m very pleased to say that we’re doing a radio show. Not real on the airwaves radio, but internet radio. That’s an oxymoron you say? Ssh!… don’t analyse everything. Edinburgh University have a student run internet radio channel called Fresh Air Radio and from tomorrow VoxBox has a show on it. This is good and fun news. Now, it’s a long time since I left university and I’m certainly not down with the kids, I can’t twerk, I can’t sing, I ain’t pretty and my legs are thin so we’ll just see how it goes down with the young audience. Clearly you don’t need to be a student to listen in but if you like you can always pretend. No one will know.

I had a wee Fresh Air radio show during the festival called Plastic Passion. A terrifying two hour show broadcast live for 3 weeks in August. The shows are now somewhere on the internet and I’ll try to look them out. There were some good bits and some cringe-worthy bits. It is what it was though, and I’m chuffed to bits that I was invited on and given the chance to play at being a Radio DJ for a while.

Smashey and Nicey

For the August shows I roped in a radio and vinyl obsessed friend, Dominic to help out. He’s the more serious and professional one and thankfully is much less likely than me to become speechless and stammery with coffee and nerves. P-p-p-p-p-practice mak-k-k-kes p-p-p-p-p. Oh I give up. So Dom will be co-hosting the show again and I can’t rule out a cameo appearance from VoxBox George when he gets back from holiday. It’s exciting times and it feels good to get more deeply involved in the music community.

Our August shows were produced by Elyse and the new shows will be again so I’m hoping for a cozy feel. In August, she told me that it took her ages to come down to the shop. Why so? I was surprised that she had thought she wasn’t cool enough to go into VoxBox. “Now after meeting you, I realise my mistake.”

Thanks Elyse.

This NEW show is going for a similar feel as before. Totally uncool and unhipsterish. It’s called The Big VoxBox Radio Show and will be broadcast live on Fresh Air Radio every Wednesday from 1900-2000. I’ll figure out how to keep them as standalone Podcasts and put them up on Mixcloud or Podomatic and get a link up to the website.

What to expect? It won’t be typical music, what would be the the point of that? So, it’s more album tracks, local singles and other odds and ends that Dom and I come across in the shop or from home. Mainly new stuff though and mainly on vinyl.

We’ll make a particular point of playing Edinburgh and Scottish based bands especially if there is a new release on vinyl to plug. CDs, I’m less keen on but if the music’s new, underexposed and great, we’ll play whatever format we can get hold of. Send us your stuff is the mantra. We’ll probably play it.

Just In!

For instance, this week, to help plug The John Knox Sex Club/Over The Wall split single launch gig on Friday we’ll play it. Record available at the gig, from and in your favourite Edinburgh and Glasgow’s record shops.

Siobhan Wilson (self released CD out), Rick Redbeard (album out earlier this year, vinyl sold out although Rick might have a copy or two left for sale) and Honeyblood playing on Saturday? You might remember Honeyblood from RSD at our place. Honeyblood have their debut single out on vinyl on the 21st October and have had a bit of airplay on Radio 6 Music. There’s lots of talent around!

We’ll do our best to help.

*Songs the never play on the radio is the title of a book on Nico. She was someone who made music that was rarely played on the radio at the time she made it and equally today.

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