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If you know someone who loves their records and you know that they would love to receive a record as a gift but, say, maybe, well and to be honest, you don’t know what they’d really like and don’t want to rifle through their record collection trying to find out what’s missing.

And for those who have had a rake and do find a missing album and then wonder if, maybe, the record has not been bought or even could have been been destroyed on purpose. What if they don’t like Exile On Main Street! Freak Out! Maybe they don’t like Zappa after all.* Maybe you don’t know your life-buddy. Bugger! Have you and her/he been living a lie?

If this is how you feel. You, dear reader. Need not worry any more. This is normal, even among record folk. I’ve not bought George a record present this year for the very same reason.

A record shop can be an intimidating place to enter if you’ve never been in one before (OK, and also if you’ve not been in a record shop in this decade). Regardless, our wee shop is friendly to dogs and people. Rest assured that we are World Host accredited in customer service and so you’re probably in for a brown-sign style, tip top tourist customer experience. Even if you’re from down the road.

If you’d like to find a gift for someone special, please ask for a recommendation as we have a few unusual albums on the shelves. And if that still doesn’t help, then we have the ultimate retro solution as we have resurrected the Record Token:

The New VoxBox Record Token

Remember, you can’t always get them what they want, but if you try some time, you just might find, a VoxBox Record Token will get them something that they need.**

We are full to bursting with of mint out of print records just now. Classics from The Beach Boys -Pet Sounds through Fairport Convention, to Joni Mitchell -Blue, and on to the Zappas.

Brand new records include Adele, The White Stripes, The Black Keys, The Pixies, The Velvet Underground and Nico. We only stock new records when we can match or be cheaper than Amazon(+postage).

Also there is the New Local Bands/Artists/Label stuff:
(Mainly on labels: Song By, Toad, Gerry Loves Records and Fence. Some are nice people who came in with their wares with and without an invite)

On CD: Arran Arctic, The Colourful Band, Georgia Seddon, Yusuf Azak. SuperMarioNation, Black International, Heirs of Dust. Jesus H. Foxx, The Son(s).

Vinyl +/- CD: Cold Seeds, King Post Kitsch, Meursault, PAWS (Cokefloat! and the Song, By Toad split LP -with Dolfinz, Sex Hands and Waiters ), The Japanese War Effort (+free sweets), Lil Daggers, Trapped in Kansas/Yahweh split 7″
Conquering Animal Sound/Debutant split 7″.

Loads of Fence Records: Kid Canaveral (lots of nice Ltd Ed, coloured 7 inchers), Pictish Trail, Rozi Plain, Randolph’s Leap, the Shivers.

Wounded Knee Cassette (on the Frame behind counter)
Field Mouse/Japanese War Effort Cassette (on Frame behind counter)

PINS Say to Me EP.-Manchester girls and guitars group. I’m not being Tony the Tiger when I say they’re great. Sparkly clear vinyl. I saw the grills in Henry’s cellar bar and bought the T-shirt and a couple of EPs for the shop.

Many of these are the last available in Edinburgh.

*Frank Zappa made at least 500,000 albums. Despite that, I’d really struggle to buy a surprise present for a Zappa fan. Probably, I’d go for anything by Wild Man Fischer and cross my fingers.
**Copyright, The Glimmer Twins (George & Darren)

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