Black Friday is not a Metal Band

Black Friday is Friday the 23rd November. An America shopping day that has also turned into the years 2nd Record Store Day. It is not a metal band fronted by Ozzy’s younger brother. It’s creeping over here too but us Brits don’t know too much about it. Meh, you say?

What you need to know is that there is new Limited Edition vinyl!
We have managed to get our paws on small numbers of limited edition Black Friday titles, all now priced and on the shelves. We’re not prepared to fleece anyone with our pricing (check ebay already). Seriously folks, if you can find them any cheaper anywhere else, do buy them!

These are the artists we have:

Mad Season
Eric Burdon
Toro Y Moi
Norah Jones
The Shins
Ceelo Green
Band of Horses
Big Boys
House of Hayduk
John Denver and the Muppets

More info here: Black Friday Releases

I don’t know who Skrillex are! Volbeat anyone? I think I’m completely out of touch. Zappa, Dylan and Eric Burdon I do know. And the Muppets.

We won’t have these for long. Next time, I’ll get up ealier as we missed out on The Velvet Underground, White Stripes and Captain Beefheart and so on. Some were rejected as too expensive or by not being limited edition.

Let me know of any specific requests because we could order more of some titles in if the demand is there.

That’s it!

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