We Stock the ‘Sound It Out’ Record Shop Doc Shock

After putting out some feelers I am happy to say that VoxBox now stock the brilliant “Sound It Out” documentary. This was the official film for Record Store Day last year. It was released on DVD only a few days ago.

Watch the trailer here:

I watched it last night and I give it the twa thoombs up. It’s a story about community, economic decline in Teeside, record collecting and the colourful collectors, the love of music, it’s emotional power and strangely, an undercurrent of the love that dares not speak its name among working class metalheads. All told in a wryly funny way. Think of The Office set in a record shop.

This is a really fine piece of independent film-making with real human subject matter and deserves to be seen by everyone. Yes, everyone in the world. Or failing that, everyone who appreciates a record shop as a special place and laments their decline.

The film also shows an in store performance by Saint Saviour. A teeside lass and singer songwriter who, with a little luck could even go somewhere. Have a look at this haunting and gloriously warbly song “Fallen Trees”.

The DVD has a few extras too. Two short films and music videos (including Saint Saviour).

Please get hold of a copy (only £8 from us) and let me know what you think.


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