Meeting Michael

I bumped into Mike Heron of the Incredible String Band while walking to the shop 2 weeks ago today. I’d been to see Mike when the Mike Heron Band played in an intimate House Concert last year. It was a fine show. My good friend, a Johnny Cash lookalike, leaned over a bannister during the intermission and said “Hey, Mike! What’s Vashti Bunyan up to these days?” A question that could knock you off your stool. Mike without blinking went with it and surprisingly actually knew what Vashti Bunyan was up to. They went on to have a nice civilised and grown up chat.

When I bumped into Mike 2 weeks ago I started with “Hi Robin!” (His name clearly is not Robin, it is Mike) and it went awkwardly downhill from there. After a few surprised words from me, “saw you before, erm, any new gigs? only stopped as I recognised you but er.. don’t have anything to say.” Mike was civil and later carried on uphill towards George Street and I went down down down, down the hill to VoxBox all the while kicking myself in despair feeling like an ass.

Why share this painful experience?

Well, Mike (Mike) Mike Heron is playing with the Mike Heron Band very soon. At the Queen’s Hall in fact, on the 18th of March. Andrew Greig provides poetic support. It will be an intimate gig, seating around 100 in the Upstairs Bar area. But why is this relevant to you if you are not already a fan?

Well, it is because it was such a good concert back then in November 2011. Perfect.

The House Concert gig was one of the best things that I have seen and heard. My knowledge of the Mike Heron and the Incredible String Band’s back catalogue was quite patchy, yet the music was sublime to virgin ears. His band plays exquisitely. It includes Mike’s daughter Georgia who also added backing vocals and a solo performance. Each and every song was a gem and a real privilege to hear. A true experience, like being let into a very special, secret and safe place for just a peek before being allowed to leave 2 hours later giddy and speechless.

So this is a kind of gig review and a definite tip. See this event and I’m sure you’ll love it.

After 2 weeks, I feel less silly and Everything Is Fine Right Now.

P.S. If The Queen’s Hall sells out, I have two spare tickets for readers of this. Just get in touch.

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