Sat 22nd April 2017

St Stephen Street


Free entry all day

Shop open 8am-6pm

We'll be stocked up with as many of the exclusive Record Store Day releases as we can get our hands on, as well as our usual selection of other new and used records. We'll have a free, limited edition Fred Perry collaboration record bags for the first people in the queue, while stocks last.

We'll have a list of the RSD releases that we ordered very soon.

PDF of our RSD stocked items + FAQ

Live music, DJs and interviews

11.30am-6pm in the shop and two nearby venues. Free entry to all.

The Antiquary

All ages*

  • 11.00am Doors open
  • 11.30am Mike Heron (The Incredible String Band) book talk + signing
  • 12.15pm Mike Hastings (Trembling Bells)
  • 1.00 The Son(s)
  • 2.00 Stina Tweeddale (Honeyblood)
  • 3.00 Jargo
  • 4.00 The Little Kicks
  • 5.00 Ayakara

The Last Word

Age 5+*

  • 11.15 Doors
  • 11.30am Jon Mackenzie
  • 12.30pm ULTRAS
  • 1.30 Martha Ffion
  • 2.30 BC Camplight
  • 3.30 Scott Hutchison (Frightened Rabbit)
  • 4.00 Jacuzzi General (Paradise Palms) DJ set
  • 4.30 Savage Mansion
  • 5.00 Jacuzzi General (Paradise Palms) DJ set
  • 5.25 Meursault

The Shop

All ages

  • 8.00am Doors open
  • 4.45pm Miracle Glass Company

* Under 18s in The Antiquary and The Last Word must be accompanied by an adult.

Support your local music scene

This is a completely free event, with no sponsorship. We'd really appreciate it if you could share the event on your social things.

Previous years

Record Store Day exclusive releases & vinyl sale

What's this Record Store Day thing?

It's about supporting independent record shops. We also like it to be about supporting the local music and arts scenes which the shop is a part of. Labels release exclusive records which can only be bought from participating independent record shops. More info on the Record Store Day website.

What time do you open on the day?

The shop will open at 8am. That's a lot earlier than usual.

Will you have all the exclusive releases?

We'll have as many as possible. We will definitely not have every single release, and the number we get of each item will depend on how many we order but also how many the distributors give us.

How can I find out if you have any copies of the release(s) I want?

Here's the list of releases we ordered - (coming soon).

While we hope to get all of this list, we are at the mercy of distribution comanies and delivery companies. If you have more questions about the list, the easiest thing is to talk to us on Twitter or Facebook.

What time should I get there?

If you absolutely have to have a certain release, especially a popular one, we would recommend arriving well before 8am and joining/starting the queue. Every year people start queueing before the shop opens. A few people arrive hours before. There will likely be a queue for the first few hours the shop is open. With over 500 releases, a queue of even 50 people can all be after different items so don't worry. Many sought after records may still be available in the afternoon.

Just down the road, our friends, the wonderful (tax-paying) Italian coffee shop Sprio are opening early this year at 7.30am, so if you want coffee and/or breakfast, head there. It's just a few doors down the street from the shop, in the opposite direction from Starbucks on the corner.

What's the system when the doors open?

We'll be in the shop from around 7am if you have any questions, just knock. Early on, the first person in the queue can make a list of their wants and we'll put those records behind the counter.

The next people in the queue can list their top 3 wants and we'll put one of these behind the counter so it's there for you when you've finished browsing. We'll take your first choice if we have it, then second, then third.

At 8am, we'll let as many people into the shop as we think is safe and comfortable. That's around 10-15 people. Then it's a one out, one in policy until the queue has gone.

Can I just pop in quickly and skip the queue? I only want one thing/I double parked/I need to be at work soon/etc

Sorry, no.

Can I reserve/preorder a release?

Sorry, the Record Store Day rules are first come first served, and only 1 copy per person of each release. Unfortunately we cannot reserve any releases for any customers.

Can I buy online afterwards?

We are allowed to sell any leftover RSD stock one week after the event. Please talk to us on Twitter or Facebook about anything you want that we might still have, and we can sell you it online from Saturday 29th April 2017.

You're having a sale?

Yes we are. We'll have huge discounts on the last remaining RSD stock from previous years. We'll have a £10 new vinyl sale on selected titles. We'll also have loads of great deals on our normal stock of new and used records. We're open till 6pm.

Will you be giving away the RSD 10th anniversary tote bags?

Yes. We'll have free, limited edition Fred Perry collaboration record bags for the releases you find on the day. The bags have been designed for Fred Perry by UK based artists Suzi Kemp, Melvin Galapon, Jack Kimberley and David Sparshott for the 10th anniversary of RSD. The first people in the queue will get one per person, while stock last. We have been promised 20, but it depends what we get in our delivery.

Need more info?

Ask questions, say hi, follow us for the latest.

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