LGBTQ+1 or Do You Wanna Dance?

I know some people that think guest list places are a terrible thing that means that musicians are not paid properly for their work. Well, yes, this is at least partly true in the local scene. For bigger bands and artists, less so. On one level, it is a form of promotional spending without spending any money but sometimes you just have a generous friend in the right place.

I was lucky enough to get a “guestie” or “plus one” for Brian Wilson at the Playhouse Theatre. The venue had been changed from the Usher Hall to The Playhouse a few weeks before as the tickets had sold slowly and a different venue was needed. £60 standard. £88 VIP where you are fluffed a bit with a drink on arrival and Brian himself gives you a foot massage or something.

We had secret information that Mr Wilson would be on at 7pm and I had arrived at a nearby bar in plenty time to meet friends beforehand. For those that don’t know Edinburgh, The Playhouse and surrounding bars are pretty Rainbow in nature. Gay bars and beardie indie music scenesters don’t usually mix (I don’t make the rules) and I suppose craft beers and ales were too much to expect but we got a few rounds of straight white male ale in. When we were asked “Are you staying for the UK’s only dwarf drag queen cabaret show starting in an hour or so?”

It was a unanimous yes!

The show was fabulous and in no time we were all up dancing to ABBA and Tina Turner’s Proud Mary and we were all simply the best/dancing queens and so on.

Anyway, Miss DQ, for that was his name, finished the set with a few lines about the difficulties being born small and how he came out as a dwarf quite literally, then came out to his mother as gay and then talked about the most difficult of all – having to come out as a cabaret singer. He finished with I am what I am and I think I shed a tear.

Miss DQ’s dad was a dwarf too and didn’t see any problem with dwarfism as he passed his genes on with the message “at least you will be unique”. So that made me think about labels. Dwarf, Gay, Straight, Non-Binary, Chess Players, Ludo clubs/Ludoists, Village Green Preservation Societies and the LGBTQ+ community which seems to be adding extra letters by the month. Perhaps soon we will all be members in one way and the only rule will be to be nice to each other.

And he also talked about the tape required to keep his penis tucked away in the leotard. He was great Fun Fun Fun to watch.

We went on to the Brian Wilson gig. There was a lot less patter in between songs and Brian’s voice has gone a bit but that’s fine as he is a legend and he wasn’t the Beach Boys’ lead singer anyway. He certainly played the hits as well as the full Pet Sounds album. And what hits!

Towards the end, my friend was ejected for dance dance dancing in front of the stage and I moseyed out with him before the end. Although it is weird to have one person do anything, it is important that they get a first supporter. We do this in medical leadership training. If one person is dancing they are freaky, if hundreds are, then it is a party. As this clip summarises “When you see a lone nut doing something great, have the guts to be the first person to stand up and join in.”

My friend was the lone nut. Reader, I had not the guts to join in and I too left early to join him ** and we entered a neighbouring bar and with a nod to the bouncer went past some velvet ropes to go downstairs to an empty bar within the bar. It was “empty” as in literally not even open and it was a bit weird to be there. After a while we left as my friend fancied a chippy and I waited outside to see if I could find the rest of our group. My friend came out with a sausage supper for me that I never asked for then he said goodbye and he made his way home. I met our friends for a little bit and they made their way home. I made my way home full sausage and some fond memories.

It was a nice and weird night. I like plus one front stall seats and getting fluffed by Brian. I like getting through the velvet ropes into secret underground bars. I want transvestite dwarf cabaret shows. I want dancing in the aisles. I want people playing guitar with their teeth. Duck Walking. Camel Walking. I want to see people who have the balls, taped away or not, to stand up, applaud with gusto or scream like a 60’s teenager. That’s the club for me… get me in!

**I had wanted to stay to the end to check if Brian’s piano was actually plugged in as he had 2 keyboardists on stage with him and… Well I’m pi(ano)-curious.

Errant Boy, Memory Fractures Album Launch

A fresh Sunday Session to keep us warm in December. Errant Boy have a new record on the shelf and will play a wee set in the shop on the 9th. Support is from their labelmate (Errant Media) Stephen McLaren. They’ll be on at 4pm and it’ll warm your soul. Failing that, we’ll get some mulled wine in to do the job. Here’s the single Means. The words are poetry. I love it!

Edinburgh-based trio Errant Boy’s second album Memory Fractures continues to finesse and develop the taut song-writing of debut collection A Wayward Mirror (2016).

Memory Fractures begins with Means’ Italian film sample and ends on The Undeserted House’s haunted babble. In between are snapshots of a tense Belfast childhood and alcohol-fuelled bliss and regret in Edinburgh, North London and beyond. A striking guitar gauze duels with a solid but unfussy rhythm section throughout, perfectly serving these mostly short blasts of experience. Musically, it’s melodic and lean, intense and compact. Lyrically, it draws on autobiographical fragments spanning childhood, youth, twenties cutting loose and fatherhood.

Errant Boy is Chris Harvie (guitars/songs), Sarrah McLaren (drums), Sean Ormsby (voice/bass/songs).
Formed in Edinburgh, Scotland in 2015, the band has been building on its well-reviewed debut which included a four star review in The Scotsman and radio play as a BBC Introducing artist. The band takes inspiration from the smart guitar pop of the 1980s and adores Lloyd Cole and the Commotions, The Go-Betweens, Felt and The Smiths.

Memory Fractures album cover

‘Debonair’ (BBC Introducing Scotland podcast)
**** (The Scotsman newspaper)
‘Revelatory’ (Glasgow Podcart Track of the Day)
‘elegant, experimental pop’ (The List magazine)
‘frankly superb’ (Scottish Fiction Track of the Day)
‘lighthearted and sinister’ (The National newspaper)
‘striking sound and unconventional style’ (RaveChild blog)
‘it’s a song to fall in love with and to – simply thrilling, honey’ (Scots Whay Hae blog)
‘excellent dynamics…demands repeated plays’ (When You Motor Away blog)
‘a frenetic sonic whirlpool’ (The Barley Boat blog)

The band has also co-founded and developed Errant Media an independent label and home to Shards, Errant Boy, Stephen McLaren and Locked Hands. Releases have already been supported by BBC Introducing Scotland, BBC Radio Scotland’s Vic Galloway Show, respected blogs like Song, By Toad, Scottish Fiction, Faronheit, Almost Predictable, Almost, When You Motor Away, Penny Black and Scots Whay Hae as well as UK and international podcasters and print media like The Scotsman, The Herald, The Skinny, The List and The National. Errant Media also promotes regular gigs at Edinburgh’s revered Leith Depot.

Have a Happy Hardcore Christmas!

Twitter: @errantmedia

End of the Toad?

Edinburgh’s only full time record label will soon cease to exist after the release of a final Split 12″ album. This is very sad news for me as I had been introduced to the Edinburgh and wider Scottish independent music scene through the label Song, by Toad shortly after the shop opened in 2011.

Gin and Swearing with a strapline; “Because The World is WRONG About Music”.

I wrote about that a long time ago and maybe should have written more in support of the label in recent years but you know, you have kids and your life changes and the free time becomes tired “I’ll do it tomorrow time” so I have not been able to finish many different things for a few years now. Including a stock take and paying a Song, by Toad invoice which Matthew Toad has been too polite to chase up.

I have not written about many bands as such and I stopped reviewing things in the conventional sense very quickly after seeing Hawkwind at the Queen’s Hall in 2012. I wouldn’t want Hawkwind to review my shop and be offended if we did not have their records, so why should I give them a bad review if I didn’t like the gig. Everyone else, the hordes, loved it. When I have written about bands, they tend to have been “Toad Bands”, Adam Stafford, The Leg, PAWS who snuck onto a Split 12″. I discovered Edinburgh Indie royalty Meursault and who William Henry Miller was and discovered he was buried in a MASSIVE tomb near me and wrote about that.

AND the Rob St John album Weald on SBT should have won the SAY Award a few years ago but it is so hard to get heard. Adam Stafford and Meursault have been contenders for the SAY Award too and that in itself is a great achievement. The label has also built to a level where Radio 6 are now opening the emails and it is great to hear these songs played on Radio 6. “We’re playing B. Mountain today” said Lauren Laverne. A band christening themselves “Bastard Mountain” would be a challenge for commercial radio but Song, by Toad gave creative freedom to the artists and fiddlesticks to the consequences. This was a SBT supergroup and they made one of my favourite albums, Farewell, Bastard Mountain. The song they played on the radio was Drone Armatrading based around an improvised violin solo. Wonderful! There is not a video for it but here is one for the song Meadow Ghosts which is also pretty great.

I almost forgot about Honeyblood, I saw them at a gig organised by Mr Toad , became smitten and I wrote about them too.

I have written posts about Ian Humberstone who is loosely connected to the label but I never managed to finish it “Dream Rivers, Tisso Lakes” and also about “The Mysterious Siobhan Wilson” who I first saw at a Toad gig. Her album There Are No Saints was shortlisted for the Scottish Album of the Year Award. I would like to find the time to finish these some day but there is already a more recent one about Brian Wilson and a dwarf cabaret show that is nearly ready.

The Song by Toad album that has sold the most over the years is most likely Murderopolis by Sparrow and The Workshop but the band no longer exists. We have the new record by B_DY P_RTS which features their singer Jill O’Sullivan who was also in the afore-mentioned Bastard Mountain.

We have borrowed microphones, microphone stands, amplifiers and complete PA systems from Matthew Toad over the years and tried to use the annual Record Store Day as a platform for at least one band on the Song, by Toad label. Others have borrowed A Fucking VAN! from him for a tour and many touring bands have been fed and put up for the night in his house, Toad Hall.

When we had the VoxBox Vinyl show on Edinburgh student radio, we had as our theme song Don’t You Touch My Fucking Honeytone by King Post Kitch. It was a single released by Song, by Toad of course. (Our show actually restarted in October and we will try to do a SBT Special on . Tune in Wednesdays 2100-2200)

10 years and a frightfully impressive legacy encompassing a blog, podcast, band sessions, record label, poster design, gig promotion, mini festivals, recording studio and even recently the best small venue in Edinburgh. I am looking forward to the new Toad release and I am pretty sure I voted for Siobhan Wilson as my album of the year for the SAY Award this year.

Siobhan WIlson – Knee-bendingly good

Matthew Toad helped bring lots of music to my ears and I just realised that this is reading like an obituary and the label is not yet dead or even asleep. It has not yet croaked, ahem, nor joined the Quire invisible nor become an Ex-Label and so on.

So on a positive, being only just still alive note. Bloody well done old chap! I love what you have achieved and you have set an incredibly high bar for everyone and I do not think Edinburgh’s music scene will see a renegade like you for a long long time.

Just so you know, when I started our own shop label, I used the Song, by Toad guide to releasing a record as a reference. Sadly, I can’t find it online anymore so I can’t link to it but being old fashioned, I printed it out and it is filed somewhere in chaotic fashion.

Thanks for releasing the Siobhan Wilson record too. I love the way she bends her knees a little sometimes when she sings. I would have loved it to have won the SAY Award this year and it would have been an awesome cherry on the cake after 10 years of the graft. But you were right -the world is wrong about music.

Thank you Matthew.

You’ll be back though?

Dead? Or sleeping?

We will be keeping the Song, by Toad section in the shop for as long as the shop exists and there are records to fill it although we will be sourcing spare records from the individual bands. I feel the label may well be talked about in the future in the same way that Postcard Records is today. This was a huge achievement! Many years from now these records may feature in a museum exhibit… Here is a link to all of the releases. You can listen to everything for free. Dip in from time to time.

“We all love Toad don’t we Mole? the mole nodded said “yes Ratty we can never forget Toad?…”

I won’t rehash the story as there is a wonderful article about Song, by Toad by Dylan who I met and became friends with -at a Toad gig of course. Song By Toad Never Held Any Lofty Ambition To Be The Biggest Of Labels.

Dolores O’Riordan

Silenced by death, in a grave sang Dolores on the Cranberries’ song Yeats’ Grave. A peon to the poet William Butler Yeats and his unrequited love for Maude Gonne. In the coda she sings the Yeats line “Why should I blame her, that she filled my days with misery, or would of late have taught ignorant men violent ways?”. He was a fascinating man and the Irish revere him in the way we Scots do Burns and as the Welsh do Dylan Thomas. He was an Irish Nationalist and member of the Fenian Brotherhood but didn’t support the newly formed Irish Republican Army although it sounds like the love of his life did.

That was from their second album No Need to Argue (1994). It was a subtle line but I picked it up as my surname is Yeats and because of that I have looked into the man’s life and works. After Dolores died a few record shop owners I know on Facebook said they thought the Cranberries and specifically the song Zombie were rubbish. I replied that I thought that very song, Zombie helped to speed up the Northern Ireland Peace Process.

I was young and naïve and at the University of Liverpool where many Irish go to study so I met a load of different people from Portadown, Belfast, Londonderry, Derry, The North of Ireland, Northern Ireland. You say potato, I say there was no famine, all the meat fish and vegetables were shipped to England and that’s why the Irish people starved*. Let’s call the whole thing off! We watched Sean Hughes live when he was tin and edgy and the Cranberries were doing their ting and according to Sean there were horses in all the towns of Ireland. A W.B. Yeats poem even made its way into the film Memphis Belle.

Ah, the old days…

What’s in your head? Seems an appropriate question to ask of terrorists then and now, but to me back then, it sounded as if it was aimed at all sides. She sings -With their tanks (UK) and their bombs (Nationalist) and their bombs (Loyalist) and their guns (everyone). It was a masterclass of a protest song about the Troubles and was about NOW. The exact time it was written and I am sure it helped turn the tide.

For something that was a part of British life for so long, it is a surprise to me that there are so relatively few songs about “The Troubles”. Stiff Little Fingers’ Alternative Ulster, Suspect Device and Wasted Life. U2’s Sunday Bloody Sunday and erm McCartney’s Give Ireland Back to the Irish. There are a few more by The Pogues and others here. This was one for my generation -folk in their 20s in the 1990s.

Since opening the shop in 2011 and beginning to understand the music industry better the title of the Cranberries debut album has made more sense. Everybody Is Doing It, So Why Can’t We? (1993) A band asking why they can’t get signed/support slots/festival slots/radio play and so on. You need a good label. Dolores joined the band in 1993 so there were 3 years to gat their songs together. A local label signed them and managed them for a bit. They were called The Cranberry Saw Us to begin with but importantly he sent the band’s demo tapes around and eventually they were picked up by Island Records and then they could. There have not been many big record company people talent spotting in Scotland or Ireland for many years now.

The debut album was huge and seemed to come out of nowhere proving that overnight success takes a load of time, self belief, talent (in this case) and perseverance.

The song Zombie was pretty powerful when it came out I think. People were sick growing up in an environment where you can go to catch a train and the roof of the station ends up being blown 20 foot in the air. The person that told me he witnessed that event seemed more annoyed that he missed his appointment. Terrorism and a military presence is a tedious and dull trudge for the ordinary folks that have to live with it. If you could pin a terrorist down, the question “What’s in your head? What’s in your heeeiad?” Seem to be the best to ask as it is rhetorical. It said we are sick of you eejits.

So I loved the first two albums yet I still haven’t heard the tird and later ones but I will try to do that someday. Some artists with a unique voice only have a few albums before the general public tire of them. Dido and Macy Gray come to mind. I read that she took her style of singing from copying her dad singing Eddy Arnold’s version of Cattle Call.

That’s a bit weird but I like weird.
I like a beer and a bath while listening to music too.
Goodbye Dolores.
And thank you; you made a difference.

* A Sinead O’Connor lyric

Smells Like Nirvana, Sounds Like The MTV Unplugged Album

For those of you that may not know, VoxBox Andy has been with the shop for about 6 years and regular customers will know he has hardly had a day off. Folk reading this from further afield may not know that my longest serving employee is also a talented musician (guitar, moothie and keys) and when not recording his own Kosmic tunes, he crops up as a side man in bands from time to time. Playing guitar in the award winning Janis Joplin Full Tilt show during the last couple of festivals springs to mind but he’s always busy and busier still having had a baby boy last month. Congratulations Andy!

He is now performing in the Pat Smear role (the 2nd guitarist) in a band performing the entire MTV Nirvana: Unplugged in New York from 1993. MTV? Remember that? Wow, we are getting old… I was in 4th year at school when that album came out and turned 41 a few weeks ago. I remember that I could not afford to buy it at the time despite (or maybe because I was)stacking shelves in Presto for £1.82 per hour but I listened to someone’s CD I had copied onto cassette tape.

Anyway, a friend of Andy’s discovered he has Kurt Cobain’s singing voice and they gathered a group of friendly musicians together and the result is a near note perfect rendition of one of the greatest albums of all time. You know the bum note Kurt Cobain plays during the solo of The Man Who Sold The World? Yup, he plays that. I went to see the sold out first show at St Luke’s in Glasgow earlier this year and it was simply stunning. The singer doesn’t pretend to be Kurt and there is none of the “a guy tried to sell me Lead Belly’s guitar” type chat that is on the CD/DVD although I would definitely have been happier if he wore a baggier jumper. It had great reviews and I think it was only a matter of time, so I am very pleased to let everyone know that the band are touring and playing various Scottish dates next month as The Nirvana Unplugged Experience.

I had suggested to Andy the name Nirvanus as a tongue in (bum)cheek reference to the awful scatological names of some bands from that period. Butthole Surfers, Puddle of Mud, Fecal Matter and so on. I concede to being immature and that the name The Nirvana Experience will probably sell more tickets -the capitalist bastards. I was surprised to see that no Nirvana cover band has yet taken the name Smells Like Nirvana which, as it happens was the title of a parody song.

Other bands have done the MTV album and this band never even set out to be a “tribute” act as such, just to perform an album they love but they have hit on something and it works. As long as Andy gets a decent night’s sleep (new baby), I swear that this is the best you will ever hear. Coincidentally, the first National Album Day is October 13th and I hope they get a bit of publicity in the runup as I’m sure MTV will be featured as one of the best albums out there.

Here is a snippet of the St Luke’s performance:

Not long to go til we head out on tour. Can’t wait! If you want to hear the big note at the end you’ll need to buy a ticket ??14th Oct: Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling – Oct: Church Dundee, Dundee – Oct: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh – Oct: The Assembly Aberdeen, Aberdeen – Nov: Saint Luke's & The Winged Ox, Glasgow –

Posted by Nirvana Unplugged Experience on Wednesday, 19 September 2018

See them at these places:
14th Oct: Macrobert Arts Centre, Stirling
19th Oct: Church Dundee, Dundee
20th Oct: Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh
26th Oct: The Assembly Aberdeen, Aberdeen
17th Nov: Saint Luke’s & The Winged Ox, Glasgow

In case you are interested in a wee bit of Edinburgh music history. In late 1991 when Nirvana were in Edinburgh on tour, a local group – The Joyriders – discreetly invited Nirvana to do a benefit gig for The Sick Kids (children’s hospital) at The Southern bar, which back in ‘91, still put the odd band on. “A friend of a friend knew Nirvana’s tour manager and told me about the Southern gig… But it was treated as this kind of urban myth. Nobody knew if it was serious.”

It was serious…

Read more and see a couple of photos at:

Record Shopping with BBC The Social & National Album Day

It was a pleasure to welcome the BBC The Social team into the shop to film these wee pieces last year. These are a few nice short interviews with some friendly Edinburgh band members. Man of Moon and Indigo Velvet are playing The Tenement Trail in Glasgow soon (Both these bands have physical EPs out too -check out the band links below). Creative types should get in touch with The Social as they are always on the lookout for interesting content.

Anyway, the reason these interviews came to mind is that it is National Album Day on 13th October and I just opened an email about the PR that’s on the way. There is quite a lot it seems. I have lots of favourite albums but they change about from time to time. What is yours? What are yours? The killer question is when was the last time you actually played your favourite album? Go on, do it now… OK after you watch these 3 guys tell you about theirs…

Billy from Indigo Velvet

This is Billy McMahon, drummer in Indigo Velvet. He catches up with the Record Shopping crew in VoxBox in Edinburgh to talk about one of his favourite records, Paul Simon- Graceland.
This record has been very influential for the whole band – Billy remembers his mum listening to it when he was young, in particular Graceland and Call Me Al.
It’s been a soundtrack to the band – it was on when they came off stage at T in the Park, they listen to it in the studio and in the car driving down to festivals.
Billy reckons if he hadn’t heard the record, they would still be writing heavy rock, Nirvana type tunes. The band are known for their bongos now – and they have Paul Simon – Graceland to thank for that!

Chris from Man of Moon

Chris Bainbridge is the singer and guitarist in psychedelic two piece Man Of Moon. He caught up with the Record Shopping crew in Vox Box records in Edinburgh to talk about his favourite record, Unknown Pleasures by Joy division.
He was first shown this record by a mate when he was around 12, but it wasn’t until he saw the film Control that he really understood them.
When heading to band practice, Chris often puts on a bit of Joy Division to pass the time – it’s a big part of his life!

Dan from Ava Love

We went out for a spot of record shopping with Dan from Ava Love in Edinburgh’s VoxBox record store, and he chatted about his favourite record, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

He loves this album for its ambition, it’s production, the amazing sonics, and for the baby tiger pictured inside. Ava Love’s Dan says his stand out track is Billie Jean. It’s one of those songs that is instantly recognisable based on the drum intro alone. There aren’t many songs that can do that like Billie Jean has. Without a record like Thriller, Dan believes a lot of people would be less ambitious with what they can do with pop music. And he really like’s that tiger…

Web Page: BBC The Social
Snapchat: bbcthesocial

From When I Wake The Want Is

There is an old Hawthorn Tree out the back where the old allotments were. The council turned the plot of land into a nature reserve many moons ago and the potting sheds were dismantled and taken away. The place has since been left to grow wild. I once found a pile of mostly broken panes of glass lying under the earth where presumably a greenhouse once stood. I can’t really remember why I was out with a shovel but that was what I found. An eight foot wooden fence stands between my back garden and that Hawthorn Tree.

When we first moved in we saw that the original wooden back fence had fallen in during a storm and later my cat had gone missing, feared lost in the overgrowth. There was a family of foxes living somewhere within and we worried that he would be in danger so I prised a hole in the wooden planks that were nailed together to make up the barrier and finally he found his way through. Looking for him in the late evening with torch in hand I had met Mr Fox. Eyes shining with torch glare he stared at me and held his ground on the path.

The previous owner of our house had twisted rolls of barbed wire along the perimeter of the garden so it felt like a prison and we lopped this away and threw it into the metal recycling with the small old metal fence that had rusted and fallen to bits as an overgrown hedge on the wild side of the back fence had managed to slowly push it apart with each year’s growth.

I then went to work clearing the area around the tree. It had become strangled with the tangle of a decade of bramble ropes that had arced up through and over it. There were masses of elder trees too that had spread higgledy-piggeldy all over the place and there was a field of nettles so high they stung the skin of my arms. Sticky willies stuck to my clothes and my cat and local pigeons, fat with gorging on elderberries, left black birdshit all over our garden path.

I saw an old apple tree and chopped a path through the bramble thicket to where it stands and found some wee raspberry bushes on my way. The fruits are smaller than supermarket ones as they struggle among their hardier cousins but sweeter in the mind because they are wild and free. There is a small gooseberry bush under the apple tree that produces hardly any leaves or fruit and I cleared it some space. A forager, I plucked some apples from that tree and took a few decent apples off the ground and made my way home with a box of blackberries and made us a crumble. It was delicious.

After two days of toil among nettles, thorns and barbed wire, some gloves were ruined and skin rudely violated. Red berries and blood look black once it gets dark. Finally, the Hawthorn Tree was free and could breathe. All of the nettles were trampled away and you could walk around a bit. I snapped off the small dead twigs and branches to tidy her up and she became a solitary tree among the surrounding thicket. It could maybe find use as home to a treehouse one day when we have kids I thought.

Not long after, our next door neighbour was burgled and in the months that followed a few empty beer cans would appear tossed into the bramble bushes near our Tree out the back.

The nettles were soon up waist high again as they never really went away. The nettle plants had died but their seeds and roots were still already in the soil. There is a new fence but no barbed wire. Some elder trees have sprung up in random places where the birds have been and will soon have berries ready to feed them once again. A shop bought raspberry plant on our side of the fence has now spread to the other side in the new wilderness.

Those brambles have spread again and there are thick prickled stems that rise up, up and away ten foot into the air through the branches to dangle their black fruit out of reach. Over summer, bees and butterflies fed on the blossom and the air is alive with flying things. Sticky willies cover the trunk.

Once I saw a mouse climb a raggedy dead nettle stem and eat the bunch of seeds that were still dangling like a spent phallus near the tip. He must have been hungry as he ignored the four of us watching. The path to the apple tree is overgrown again and all of the apples will be left on the ground.

From When I Wake The Want Is was released recently. It’s Kathryn Joseph’s second or third album depending on how you count them* and the songs were mostly written during a breakup and these songs poured out like spells. And everything is in there. A tree tangled with thorns. Some sweetness, the hurt, a mouse waiting for winter, nakedness, love, a fox and a cat, a standoff, the passion, words spat out and whispered, broken fences and poetry, the fear, vulnerability, broken glass under the earth, the lust and the hatred. Scratched and stung foraging wild fruit. This is a raw and wild record; its beauty and honesty is refreshing like stolen apples and as Summer turns to Autumn and the plants die off you are reassured that the new shoots of Spring are only a few months away. It helps to know that Kathryn’s story had a happy ending too. I do believe that a poem is a naked person and this is a poetic and hypnotic masterpiece which deserves to sell a million copies by Christmas. You should have a listen.

In Manx folklore, the first blackberries of the season should not be eaten but instead should be left for the fairy folk. If you ignore this advice, any others you pick will be full of grubs…

Folklore also says that you should not pick blackberries after St Michaelmas Day, September 29. According to Christian mythology, that is supposed to be the anniversary of the date Lucifer was thrown out of heaven and he likes to mark the occasion by peeing over everyone’s blackberry bushes.

*Second album is the Out Lines project with James Graham of the Twilight Sad. It is a contender for the SAY Award this year. Marcus Mackay plays on and produces all three of her albums.

Since beginning this I am very happy to say Kathryn was number one on the Record Store Chart last week after the vinyl sold out. Bring on the repress. A million by Xmas…

A Music Cycling Worm Blog? Yeh!

This afternoon I collided with a van at about 15mph while heading from Porty to Leith on Seafield Road. The oncoming driver turned right into my path. I braked. Skidded. He eventually saw me and hit his brake and I body-slammed into his left side in the drizzly rain.

The bike seemed OK but it turns out the forks are bent, the right gear shifter is damaged and the wheel has a slight buckle. It is pretty inconvenient to me and expensive for the van driver but I do have the luxury of a spare bike. There is quite a bit of pain and a clicking sound which happens if I move the wrong way and as the hours have passed it is getting harder to lift my right arm above my head but my fingers work so I can type away. These things can focus the mind although if you ask my wife she will tell you I have been pretty vacant since. Just mulling things over… As you do do do do do…

What? Oh yeah. I had been up Princes Street this morning with my boy heading to the Book Festival at Charlotte Square for I Can Only Draw Worms by Will Mabbitt where he read the book to us and we got to draw worms and finally we queued up to get a nice signed copy with an doodled “A” for Aiden shaped like a worm. There is more to life than music. Saying that, I was at the Kathryn Joseph instore yesterday to get my copy her new record signed and I was planning to blog about her terrific new album today. I still will later in the week but because I don’t think she has written a song about crashing her push-bike into a van it is hard to get a link in so here is a picture of the worm book instead.

Anyway, we were looking out the back of the bus as my three and a half year old loves buses and trams. I saw a queue of three double-deckers and a woman leisurely pedalling along in front of them on a bike. I thought she was crazy and wondered why she ended up there. Just the other week, I cut across Princes Street on the bike to get to the shop from Bridges and it is just really difficult to turn right across the tram tracks without your front tyre getting stuck. I had to literally stop and lift the front tyre over as my natural angle of approach was never going to work. A young medical student was killed at the Lothian Road end last year after her wheel got stuck and she fell in front of a minibus so I have always tried to avoid if possible.

Back in 2010 there was a Guardian article asking “Is Princes Street is too dangerous for cyclists?” Aye, I would say so. However, the alternative -Queen Street is a state of potholes. Trams and potholes… But I didn’t start this to have a gurn at the cooncil.


Which is the odd one out?

Photo pinched from a cycling website. A black cab is just under 2000kg. A double decker bus needs no introduction. My bike is about 8kg. Bike and I, even laden with records are but a squishy worm in comparison to these metal machines.

That word again. Worm. Worm. Worm. Worm… But the author (and illustrator) pronounced it Wirm. With a prolonged i sound. Wiiim. Scottish folk will tend to say Wurm with a rolled “r” and Doric Scots from Aberdeenshire like me and Kathryn Joseph say Wurrim with a verry purry “r”. Aha! That reminds me – Kathryn released a song called The Worm as a single in 2015! It is a song that did not quite fit on the Award winning bones you have thrown me and blood I’ve spilled album and it has little to do with the new one but if I share it, it will hopefully be enough to tie this slightly weird music-cycling-worm based blog post together.

Princes Street is chock full of double decker buses with massive blind spots pulling in and out, taxis doing U turns at the East-End, trams ding dinging along -At least they’re predictable… and the aforementioned tram lines that have been leading to those on bikes getting hurt since they were introduced. I’m surprised there have not been more deaths -especially of visitors. I have to add that the Lothian bus drivers have been great when I have been cycling near them but the truth is that around rush hour there are places that you simply do not want to be. Chamber’s Street to Princes Street, Leith Street, Haymarket, Tollcross, Lothian Road. Even Leith Walk with its new cycle lanes can be a hairy experience.

I am happy to see there is some work to improve cycling through Scotland and Edinburgh has some good cycle routes eg Water of Leith; but the cyclists have taken over a bit making it harder for dog walkers. Spokes (@Spokeslothian) are long-time campaigners on local cycling safety issues and are worth following.

I just wanted after today’s experience to say to cyclists to plan the route ahead, even short trips and to the drivers to keep an eye out and take your time especially when it’s raining. Cyclists (and everyone), take care for wandering pedestrians especially during the festival. Stockbridge seems particularly prone to folk nipping across the road between parked cars. Slow down for dogs. Speed up if being chased by a dog. Simple stuff. Most cyclists aren’t perfect but no one likes a 4 hour wait in A&E just to get checked over and explaining the dent in the wing to your boss could be problematic.

The good news is that there are plenty songs about bicycles.

And plenty of songs about crashes. They have a propensity to not do so well so I will be avoiding the likes Johnny Bond for a while.

The Pogues on Worms…

There is some advice for folk who are hit here. My advice would be just call the police as the guy might initially be keen not to involve his insurance company and offer to pay out of his pocket but probably won’t realise the replacement costs of bike parts these days and then stall a bit. Cheaper than body parts fella!

On a happier note, I found an original copy of this psychedelic gem a wee while ago. It’s a cracking song. The kind of slam of sorts that I particularly enjoy. Oooft!

The VoxBox Music Record Store Day 2018 List

Update. The distributor selling Future Sounds of London, Amorphous Androgenous and UNKLE hasn’t sent the box up in time. We can take orders from the 1st 6 people in the queue to ask for it. Also Run the Jewels although this wasn’t on the published list.

Some small boxes are expected to arrive on Friday, however, here are the records that we will have on Record Store Day. Some are pretty scarce either because we weren’t allocated as many as we wanted or because it was difficult to gauge demand and small numbers were ordered.

Anyone wanting the ABBA single, Django Django or Sigur Ros will need to be down very very early. However, we have about 10 of each Bowie record, Eight or so Led Zeppelin and Ocean Colour Scene. Plenty Anne Briggs, Arcade Fire, Blue Planet, Courtney Barnett, Carter USM, GOAT, Mogwai, The National, Noel Gallagher, Rolling Stones, Snow Patrol, Twin Peaks and Pink Floyd. Hopefully enough to last into the afternoon. A top up of Courteeners, Stooges and The Doors expected to arrive tomorrow will bring us to good levels.

Scottish releases include great friend of the shop Pictish Trail who has a reissue of his acclaimed album Future Echoes with an Eigstra disc of bonus tracks and is out on FIRE records. We also have a good supply of Bert Jansch, Irvine Welsh, Lewis Capaldi, Mogwai, Thomas Fraser (more info on this incredible man Shetland Times) and The Vaselines.

I will try to elaborate on numbers and will amend this post later but am very aware that there are many people wanting to know what titles we have. Almost everything has arrived and I’ve missed some things out I’m sure but none of the bigger releases. Albums with Various artists and Soundtracks can be hard to search for. Try control and ‘F’ to search this page for keywords. Any questions, just send a message or call.

Twitter @voxboxmusic
Instagram Voxboxmusic
Shop phone 0131 6296775

ABBA single x1
ACDC tape
Adam Sandler
Alarm 12″ EP
Alarm 7” single
Albert Hammond Jr
Alex Somers
Allman Brothers
Alternative TV
Anne Briggs
Anthony Gormley
Antonio Sanchez
Arcade Fire

Backyard Babies
Barbara Tucker 12” and 7”
Barry Gray Orchestra
Bass Communion (Steven Wilson)
Belinda Carlisle
Bert Jansch -all three
Betty Wright
Beverley Martyn
Big Audio Dynamite
Bim Sherman
Blanck Mass
Bobby Gentry
Bob Dylan single and album with the Daed
Boz Scaggs
Brian Eno and Kevin
Bruce Springsteen
Bunny Striker-Lee

Car Seat Headrest
Carter USM
Chaka Demus & Pliers
Charlotte Gainsbourg
Cheikh Lo
Cheryl Lynn
Chicano Batman
Chow Young-wuk
Chris Bell
Courtney Barnett
Creation Rebel
Cure Mixed Up & Torn Down
Cuby & Blizzards
Cymanide – both records
Cypress Hill

Daniel Rosen
Dave Grusin
David Bowie S/T LP
David Bowie Let’s Dance
David Bowie NOW
David Bowie Live
David Sylvian
Def Leppard
Demon Fuzz
Django Django
DJ Spooky
Dream Syndicate
Dr Who
Duke Reid All Stars
Duran Duran
Durutti Column

Ed Motta Presents
Eek A Mouse
Electric Wizzard
Elton John vs Pnau
Elvis Costello
Ennio Morricone Autopsy
Eric Burdon & The Animals
Eric Clapton

Family Silver
Fatboy Slim
Fawlty Towers
First Aid Kit
Flamin Groovies
Fleet Foxes
Fleetwood Mac
Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Frank Wilson
Frank Zappa

Gary Clark Jr
Gary Stewart
Gaz Coombes
George Martin
Giant Sand
Ginger Wildheart
Gloria Gaynor
God’s Children
Gordon Beck Trio
Gordon Jackson
Grant Green
Grateful Dead

Hans Zimmer -Blue Planet
Hifi Sean & David McAlmont
Holland-Dozier feat
Human League

Irvine Welsh & Arthur Baker

Jackie Mittoo
Jah Wobble
Jake Bugg
James Brown
Jarrod Lawson
Jason Isbell
Jean Carn
Jeff Buckley
Jesus Jones
Jesus Jones vs Aphex Twin
Jethro Tull
Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Castor Bunch
John Fogerty
Johnny Cash At Folsom
Johnny Cash EP
Johnny Thunders album and 7” single
John Wesley Harding
Jonsi and Alex
Josephine Foster
Jowe Head
June Tabor

Karine Polwart
Karl Jenkins
Kevin Morby & Waxahatchee
Killing Joke
King Kurt

Lalo Schiffrin OST Enter the Dragon
Laser Pace
Led Zeppelin
Lewis Capaldi
Liminanas 7” and 12”
Linda Perhacs
Lonnie Liston Smith
Los Lobos vs The Shins
Lou Reed
Lovely Eggs

Mac Demarco and Shamir
Madonna x2
Main Ingredient
Mal One
Mallory Knox
Manfred Mann Album box
Marc Jonson
Mary Clark
Mc Demarco old dog
Marijata Pat Thomas Introduces
Marvin Gaye
Marvin Pontiac
Max Richter
Mekons – both 7” singles
Melvin Sparks
Michael Kiwanuka
Michael Raven
Miles Davis
Molly Nilsson
Motorhead Heroes

Neil Young
Niall Horan
Nic Faniculli
Nick Heyward
Nikki Sudden
Noel Gallagher
Nothing But Thieves
Notorious BIG

Ocean Colour Scene
Oliver Coates
Open Mind
OST Sucker Punch
OST Vertigo/North by Northwest
OST Autopsy Morricone
OST Drammi Gotici
OST Takin’ Care of Business
Otoboke Beaver
Oumou Sangare

Paddy Kingsland
Parquet Courts
Pere Ubu
Phil Campbell and the Bastard
Pictish Trail
Pink Floyd
Police -Roxanne x1
Prince Fatty
Public Image Limited

Rage Against The Machine
Rag N Bone Man
Richard Hawley
Richard Youngs
Robyn Hitchcock
Robert Glasper Experiment
Roger Taylor
Rolling Stones
Ron Grainer OST The Omega Man
Rory Gallagher
Rowland S. Howard
Ryuichi Sakamoto

Sam Waymon
Sandy Denny
Saun and Starr
Saxon single
Saxon Pic disc
Say Sue Me
Shakin’ Stevens
Shocking Blue
Sigur Ros
Sleigh Bells
Sly & Robbie & Junior Natural
Small Faces
Snapped Ankles
Snarky Puppy
Snow Patrol
Soft Cell
Sonics Rendevous Band
Son Volt
Spacemen 3
Sparks comp
Sparks pic disc
Steve Ellis
Steven Wilson
Stone Broken
Sufjan Stevens
Sun Ra Pine St

T-Rex Bolan Boogie and pic disc
Tangerine Dream
Tears For Fears Talamanca remixes
Tears For Fears Barrott remixes
Television Personalities
Thelonious Monk
This is the Kit
Thomas Andrw Doyle
Thomas Fraser
Tim Armstrong
Tim Burgess
Timeless Legend
Tom Waits -All three
Toy Dolls
Trampled by Turtles
Trevor Burton
Twin Peaks

Uncle Tupelo
Undisputed Truth
UNKLE (not arrived)
Uriah Heep
Van Morrison

Vapors Artists
Various Artists
V/A Motown Funk
V/A DJ Pierre Presents Acis ’88 Vol. 2
V/A Independent Venue Week
V/A Colour Climax
V/A Singapore A Go Go
V/A American Dreamer OST
V/A Hillbillies in Hell
V/A The Beginning of the End
V/A SOUL JAZZ Box sets
V/A Soho Scene
V/A Texas Soul
V/A NY Soul
V/A New Orleans
V/A Mighty Instrumentals
V/A Last Shop Standing
V/A Gary Crowley
V/A Ed Motta Pesents
V/A Gender
V/A Up All Night Soul
V/A Iconic Monterey

Van Morrison & Joey Defrancesco
Van Morrison Alt Moondanceand album
Velvet Hands

Waterfront (pre Stone Roses)
Watts 103rd St
White Hills
William Devaughn
Winston Reedy & Salute
Wire Box
Wolf Alice x1
Wu-Tang Clan

Yung Wu

Zero 7

EPs that were made for RSD a few years ago but are now available as non-RSD releases.
Buffalo Springfield
Jeff Beck
Jimi Hendrix
Beach Boys
Pretty Things

The 10 Vinyl Commandments According to David Bowie

Okay, we’re up a mountain and there are records everywhere. People are pulling records out of the sleeves, little kids are getting their sticky fingers on them, many were scratched and skipping. It was clear something had to be done. Iggy had a word with David and asked him to sort it all out.

And David Bowie spoke these words:

I have released much of my Golden Years of music on the best format. That which brought you out of the Swing Boom of the 1950s, out of the slavery of singing other people’s songs and into the Land of 1000 Dances with the cheap vinyl seven inch singles of Rock and Roll, Tamla Motown, Beatlemania, Glam Rock and so on. I also brought out Tin Machine on 12 inch Vinyl which we don’t tend to talketh about so much but it is my most affordable album on the preowned market these days so maybe it’s time for a reappraisal…

Just sayin’.


Okay, moving on, going forward etc… Here are the rules.

1. You shall have no other format above Vinyl.

2. You shall not make Vinyl in the image of another. Basically avoideth rare records at a cheap price –they could be counterfeiteths. I’m thinking about the copies of Neil Young’s Harvest Moon that have been kicking about Edinburgh at 15 shekels for some time. Don’t worry it was officially resurrected the other year like pretty much my entireth back catalogue other than Tin Machine (see above).

3. You shall not take the name of ‘Vinyl’ in vain. Ahem, they are collectively called ‘Records’ or ‘Vinyl’ but a single record should never be called ‘a Vinyl’ and many records are never ever ‘Vinyls’. Otherwise you will feeleth the tut-tut-slow-head-shaking wrath of the old farteth record collectors. See Vinyl vs Vinyls blog post.

4. Remember the Sabbath day… After working a week of hard toil, you are allowed a special record based listening treat with Ozzy and Co. On this day you will not work. You will force everyone; sons, daughters, servants and animals to listen to your swirly vertigo 1st press of Paranoid. They will thank you for it later. Why they recorded a song called Changes in 1972 for their 4th album the same year I released my version remains a mystery. How someone hasn’t already thought to mash them up on YouTube is perhaps a bigger mystery. Perhaps my record company taketh away unofficial recordings?

5. Honour your father and mother’s record collections. Though the box may be worth more than the records, your embarrassing parents may have been into some weird stuff in the 1960s that they have never before told you about and you could well be inheriting some gems. Forgiveth them the Dancing in the Street duet with Mick Jagger that is most definitely in there, for they kneweth not what they were doing in the 1980s.

6. You shall not kill (even if into Black Metal). Seriously dude, seek help! But thou canst still probably eat meat despite what Morrissey sayeth with the title of the final The Smiths album. I never did get over Steven’s sniping at me after pulling out of my Outside tour in 1995 but after recent stories I suppose it could have been worse. All the same, please look for British pork and the Free Rangeth chicken which just seems sensible.

7. You shall not commit adultery with Amazon and other onlineth retailers despite them sometimes being cheaper than your local Record Temple. Keep an eye for an aniscoric eye out for special editions which are often offered to independent Temples that are not available in the behemoth’s massive warehouse.

8. You shall not steal. Yeah man! Well ideas are up for grabs obviously, I’m a chameleon and that. But erm you know don’t be stealing records from anyone. There’s a guy that comes in on Sundays with a big puffy jacket on in the summer and I’m sure he has been nicking stuff. Spotify and streaming? ***Shrugs*** “Music itself is going to become like running water or electricity,” I told the New York Times in 2003. Well, please try to payeth for music you like in some way.

I’m watching you, Sunday guy

9. You shall not bear false witness about Record Store Day in the Edinburgh Evening News. It has many well documented flaws but on balance it is better to have it and the inevitable 4 different NEW officially sanctioned editions of my records. Contradictory, repetitive doom-mongering is doing no favours to the Record Temples that are still open and getting by.

10. You shall not covet your neighbour’s record room nor his amplifier, turntable and fancy speakers. Nor his radio show/podcast and blog. Your neighbour’s wife, nor his male servant, nor his female servant, nor his ox, nor his donkey, nor his diamond dogs, nor anything that is your neighbour’s. (Eh? -Ed) Basically don’t be coveting things and don’t try to wham bam thank you ma’am any of the neighbours or their things.

When the people saw the thunder and lightning and heard the speakers rumble and saw the amplifier in smoke, they trembled with fear. They stayed at a distance and said to David Bowie, “Speak to us yourself and we will listen. But do not have Iggy speak to us or we will die.”
Bowie said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Iggy has come to test you by releasing a mix of great and terrible albums…”

Continues with even more commandments and don’t get Iggy/Ziggy started on their preferred record cleaning fluid.

After this piece of procrastination, some may be pleased to know that the full VoxBox RSD list will be typed and published tomorrow evening.

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