Beyond the Almond River

VoxBox Andy has been with the shop since about 2012 or maybe 2013 and has in that time put in more shop hours than me, Canadian Mike, VoxBox Nigel, VoxBox Chiquita and VoxBox Laura put together. So this is a wee salute to him while he is away in Manchester recording his album. He became a father this year and as he said to me the other day “I used to be rad, now I’m a dad!”. I hear that.

Andy is a graduate of Edinburgh school of art and has pictures and prints for sale but despite encouragement doesn’t bring them to the shop. He is a bit like James Dean in the film Giant. Or Fozzy Bear. Maybe somewhere in between… I’m sure he doesn’t read the blog so don’t tell him if you do.

I used to think of the shop as a part of me but have to concede that while I have been away doing doctor work it is equally a part of Andy and Mike.

An online search for Andy Barbour leads to a bunch of Andys wearing coats like this…

His album? Yep, as regular customers know he is always strumming his guita… wait he isn’t and there isn’t one in the shop. That reads badly. But “ain’t one in the shop” is worse. As Andy isn’t going to shove his record down your throat I wanted something to be here as a reminder to me and a message to any casual record shop blog browsers that this is something coming out next year. Perhaps on the shop label if he let’s me know about it.

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