Burnt Paw -Stolen Apples Lost Crowns

Hi ______,
This guy just popped into the shop and now hangs about a bit stopping Andy from doing any work.
I met him the other day and he said he was a musician and was incredibly friendly and I thought. Ok yeah.
Then Andy said his tunes were really good and we should get him in for a session… I listened to his tunes… They are killer songs. Not cheery new neighbour friendly tunes at all.

“I met a man with a one eyed pet crow
He had a dog he trained to talk.
He kept goldfish in his hat
and I asked him how he lived.”

As far as the music goes, he sounds as serious as they come.
He has a hypnotic fingerpicking style that makes me think that if Kathryn Joseph was a very tall thin bearded man playing guitar and singing song poems, this is it. He has not been in Edinburgh long and already released an album with a couple of videos. From the People’s Story Museum:

There’s a bit of RM Hubbie and Nick Cave, Waits, Nebraska Springsteen, Molina there too.
Something for the folk that likes deep dark tunes and maybe an album ____ would like.
Give it 30mins (2 listens) See what you think. I don’t think he’s done any promo emailing. So a post from ____ would be a surprise.
You could blow his mind with a just a burst of a good few people downloading his stuff or you never know.

He has not invented anything new but the guitar playing is sometimes incredibly intricate.
It sounds like two people playing.
Listen to Stalk of Corn or Horsey Horsey.

The album is here:

Glad to hear things are going well _________________. Perseverance with talent will always pay off.
I’m busy with a second child who’s 5 months old. Otherwise I’d say let me know when you’re at an Edinburgh gig. But I don’t get out much.
Saying that, DO let me know and I might well get out especially.

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