VoxBox Recommends the Edinburgh Festival 2014 Part 2

More Festival shenanigans…
Someone pointed out there is a play about Kate Bush running til the 25th.

For much of the month, A Band Called Quinn at Summerhall.

There’s also a new record shop at Summerhall for the festival specialising in odd music. I’m going to sneak in on a spying mission.

Glen Matlock was in town with I was a Teenage Sex Pistol. I meant to put that in but it was a tad dear at £18 I think.

17th John Otway (17th-18th and 20th-22nd). Highly entertaining. Someone called him “rock’s greatest failure” (and a two hit wonder). Incredibly, this is FREE.

18th Born to be Wide Talkshow with Simon Napier-Bell. This is FREE and worth a look. Part of Jura unbound, Napier-Bell has a new book on the ins and oots of the music industry. Lots of beans to be spilled. Dan Wilson (Withered Hand) will be talking about his approach to songwriting and live music comes from The Jellyman’s Daughter.

19th Samantha Crain and The Jellyman’s Daughter at the Electric Circus

20th R.M. Hubbert and Emma Pollock at the Queen’s Hall Last Year’s Scottish Album of the Year Award winner RM Hubbie plays. New Album, Breaks and Bone was on the SAY shortlist this year. But they couldn’t let him win twice in a row…

20th Trembling Bells with Ian Humberstone play at Sneaky Pete’s. Come to think of it Sneaky’s have lots on during the festival. Look here.

21st Withered Hand at the Queen’s Hall. Edinburgh Indie royalty. New album New Gods has rave reviews and is a shop best seller.

21st Pale Imitation Festival – Rick Redbeard, Kitchen Cynics and Ella The Bird (Siobhan Wilson).

21st The VoxBox Vinyl Show 2 hour referendum special. Featuring Yes songs, No songs, some musical politics and record shop banter. 1800-2000 on Edinburgh Student Radio www.Freshair.org.uk.

22nd Gruff Rhys of the Super Furry Animals has a book out. Part memoir and part retracing the steps of a welsh explorer. Part of the book festival.

23rd Randolph’s Leap and Tuff Love. Two of Lost Map records newest signings. 8 piece Randolph’s Leap make me sing Lalalalalalalalala! Contagiously beautiful pop music. New Album Clumsy Knot available in the shop. Tuff Love have a fine EP available in the shop too.

23rd Pale Imitation Festival – LAW, Numbers Are Futile, Wozniak.

24th James Yorkston and Friends (KT Tunstall, Pictish Trail) as part of Jura Unbound. FREE! James has a new album out on the 18th.

24th PAWS (New album Youth Culture Forever out now) and Lady North at the Electric Circus. You MUST see PAWS live! Here’s your chance.

24th The last chance to see VoxBox Andy in Full Tilt, the 5 star Janis Joplin biopic.

25th Richard Thompson at The Queen’s Hall

25th Vic Galloway, BBC broadcaster, journalist and champion of the Scottish music scene, has written Songs in the Key of Fife, which documents the amazing story of the Fence Collective. In recent years the music industry has been defined by its much publicised decline, with creativity consumed by the mass market, but for the past two decades, in a little place across the water, a group of musicians have been building and battling against this. Join Vic and some special guests for a memorable night of music to celebrate the book’s publication.

26th (Phil Space) It starts to fizzle out a bit…

27th (Phil Space)

28th Pale Imitation Festival – eagleowl, Ian Humberstone, Smack Van. Eagleowl debut This Silent Year came out last year and is a shop fav. Ian Humberstone reminds me of Bill Callahan. Smack Van are new to me but with a name like that, don’t sound particularly laid back like the other 2.

29th (Polly Filler)

30th Pale Imitation Festival – PAWS, Et tu Brute, Halfrican. PAWS again!

31st Collapse.

After typing the above, I’ve been really pleased to see that many of the bands have performed in the shop or on our street (Record Store Days/Wide Days) since we opened 3 years ago. We’re forever in their debt as although customer service and cleanliness go a long way, a shop can only be as good as the music it sells. Please make a point in seeing them if you get the chance.

Neil Pennycook/Meursault
eagleowl/Kid Canaveral with Ian Humberstone
Adam Stafford
Wounded Knee
The Jellyman’s Daughter
Withered Hand
Book Group
Broken Records
Pictish Trail
Tuff Love

Bands/artists that almost played or were busy or forgot who I still think are the bee’s knees are Randolph’s Leap, The Little Kicks, Rick Redbeard and Siobhan Wilson.

Worth a mention comedy-wise are Josie Long who is an honorary Lost Map member and has a show on 21, 22, and 24th.

And Jo Caulfield (12th-24th) who invented VoxBox’s famous naked Saturdays.

Finally, It’s not part of the Fringe but there is a nice exhibition of Jim Lambie‘s work at The Fruitmarket Gallery on Market Street. Among other things, he puts (hopefully) dud record sleeves to good use and generally messes with your head using coloured stripes, ladders and mirrors.

Jim Lambie

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