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Sometimes I think that there are too many record labels (more on this later). Anyway… and without dwelling on the irony; I’m stoked to be able to help with Edinburgh’s newest one.

It feels like a crazy idea but this is certainly happening and we’ll have to see where it leads. But for now, it’s all hands on hats.

FoxBox Records has sprung out of a nice late night conversation or two and at very short notice will be taking part in Cassette Store Day this year. It’s a separate business to the VoxBox shop, happy to roam free in the evenings, but until the website is up and running, it can have a home on these blog pages.

The first release will be an official release for Cassette Store Day, called FoxBox Presents Post__Nothing Sessions: A various wonderful artists compilation tape.

This release is a collaboration with Brian and Rachel who run Post__Nothing; A project spanning 4 years so far, they have been recording sessions for an Edinburgh based webzine called Post__Nothing and the Freshair radio show of the same name. These are mainly of Edinburgh or Scottish bands but there are a few touring bands that have been caught too.

The full track-listing has not been formalised yet but there are exciting names to be announced subject to the licensing being sorted.

VoxBox Andy was responsible for creating the logo and I’m terribly happy with it. Everyone likes a blue fox.

Following Cassette Store Day on the 27th September, FoxBox will tuck itself away until the new year to get properly organised. There will be some exciting releases on fox-blue vinyl.

It’s a small thing on a shoestring but as every fox and record collector knows… It’s best to keep some things to yourself.

There is a Facebook Page:
And a Twitter page @foxboxrecords

PS The slogan is coming…

PPS More on Cassette Store Day to follow. But keep 27th September free.

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