One of the drawbacks of Record Store Day is that shops have often tied up all of their money on RSD stock and most of their energy on ordering, organising the day and then the online selling of the leftovers. This is a shame if you’re a band releasing something in April or early May and I would like to make up for some of that now and highlight some of the non-RSD justin new releases that came in-just before RSD and over the past 6 weeks.

There’s an awful lot to hear here. In fact the shop is so full to bursting with lovely new and used records that I often daydream about having a larger shop… Ahh daydream! For lazy minded fools with nothing else to do!?*

We have an open shelf policy for music that is made by Edinburgh bands or put out on labels based here. In practice, this extends to bands and labels throughout Scotland too.

VoxBox is also stocking more new releases than ever and I try to keep up to date with what’s coming out as best I can when it fits with the feel of the shop. Generally, Classic Rock, Blues, Jazz, Electronica and Independent music. I’m about to get some new headers made up so certain titles can be neatly filed in the racks as “Alternative Rock”. Euwggh. A load of great music. Dull term. Not to worry, I’ll see if I can think of a better header.

Our most popular section is actually Justin. Not Bieber or Timberlake or JUSTIN the obscure cowboy, but the new stuff. the boxes of Pre-owned and brand spanking new records that have just arrived. There are loads of records in the Justin boxes. Please don’t groan… Read on!

If you have been in recently you’ll have seen lots of boxes of Justin records. So much so that we are not unlike this handsome and enigmatic chap, a carefully curated island of rock and roll that is quickly running out of space.


Running out of space.

Carefully curated but running out of space.


Just( have a look at what has come )in!

Brand new local and Scottish label/artist:

Virgin of the Birds, Winter Seeds (Song, by Toad)

Bastard Mountain, Farewell Bastard Mountain (Song by, Toad)

Yusuf Azak, Peace in the Underworld (Gerry Loves Records)

Holy Mountain, Ancient Astronauts (Chemikal Underground)

Tuff Love, Junk EP (Lost Map)

Randolph’s Leap, Clumsy Knot (Lost Map)

Cruising, You Made Me Do That (Soft Power)

Witching Waves, Concrete (Soft Power)

Chalk and Numbers, Compilation (Soft Power)

Call To Mind, The Winter Is White (Olive Grove Records)

King Post Kitsch, Sheep On a Beach (New Pleasure Recordings)

The Amazing Snakeheads, Amphetamine Ballads

Sketches For Albinos, Fireworks and the Dead City Radio (Mini50)

Bastardgeist, Infinite Lives (Mini 50)

Tisso Lake/Ian Humberstone The Hollow Wood and the Wondrous Cold 10″ LP (repress)

Dropkick, Homeward

The Industry, Dancing in the Fire CD EP.

Penguins Kill Polar Bears, Building Homes From Broken Bones

The Last Battle, Lay Your Burden Down CD

Zeitgeist, When The Sun Goes Away EP.

Star Wheel Press, Lost CD EP (unable to post link just now )

Seriously, this is (just) from the last 2 months! Give the links a click, there’s some great music (in) there.


Larger labels that got in touch personally:

Great Thunder, Groovy Kinda Love (Waxahatchee related/Wichita)

Cloud Nothings, Here and Nowhere Else (Wichita)

Merch, This Betrayal Will Be Our End (Sassafras)


Bigger label bands and artists:

Pixies, Indie Cindy



The Flaming Lips, Loads of stuff

Cate Le Bon, Mug Museum

Brian Jonestown Massacre, Revelations

The Afghan Whigs, The Beast

Black Keys, Turn Blue

The White Stripes reissues on Third Man

…and loads more.

We’re also stocked up with new back catalogue titles where the originals are hard to come by. However, as always, the main focus of the shop will always be vintage, rare and collectable vinyl but please let us know if there’s a new record that you are after. You can pre-order some new releases from us too if you fancy. Just drop us a line. voxbox@live.co.uk

And if that’s not enough to keep your ears busy…

Coming soon:

PAWS, Youth Culture Forever

Honeyblood, Self-titled debut

Broken Records -Weights and Pulleys

The Phantom Band (Chemikal Underground)

Jack White, Lazaretto

Remember Remember (Rock Action –Mogwai’s label)

Led Zeppelin I-III

SLINT Reissues

James Yorkston (August -just announced)

Now that I have this lot off my chest, I’ll try to update the Justin part of the blog every fortnight or so to let you know what’s new.


*Ah daydream… a song with nowt to do with Justin.

Disclaimer Justin case: Photo of Justin Hawkins. He doesn’t know VoxBox exists and certainly doesn’t endorse the shop or have a VoxBox tattoo (yet). Photo used as illustration of a carefully curated island of rock and roll that is quickly running out of space. I wasn’t able to find the copyright holder.

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