Born To Be Honey (Thursday, March 27th)

Get your motors running folks!

Before we opened VoxBox, we had thought seriously about being a music and art shop. Graphic designer Kate George designed the VoxBox logo and we wanted to be able to sell her other work in the shop; but alas, we decided against it in the end. That was about 3 years ago now and we’re now revisiting the music and artwork idea.

Something about music and visual art makes them simply belong together. The 2 forms are as deeply entwined in our heids as synesthesia. Many musicians are artists and vice versa. All album sleeves are works of art, aren’t they? A square foot of art free with every lovely record.

I love being in the shop with iconic album covers around about. Deep breath… Ah sweet heaven… and exhale, calmly.
Back here on earth, the new and exciting news is that VoxBox is hosting an exhibition. Not of album art as such, but the next best thing; the art of great band photography. The press shot, live action guitar stances, gravity-defying-rock-and-roll-sun-god-hair-action, behind the scenes intimacy and plain old bouncing around super-fun.

eagleowl's Bart has a (really) good hair day!

eagleowl’s Bart is a Golden God

Jannica Honey is a professional photographer, originally from Sweden, who now lives in Edinburgh. -Not that far from the shop in fact. Her pictures are great. She’s been photographer to Edinburgh and Glasgow based bands as well as those passing through town for several years now as well as pursuing her other creative photography themes. From family based portraits to full on, warts and all, nudity.  A snapshot of real people, well combed and prim or tussled and tangled, but with no airbrushing or fakery at all. You can check them out via her website. Did you have a look? Aren’t they just “Crikey!” Did I mention that she is great fun too?

The event is called Born To Be Honey and it ties in with the Born To Be Wide 10th anniversary celebrations on the 9th and 10th April. The exhibition focuses on musicians who have played Born To Be Wide’s annual Edinburgh Night – which features ten acts performing ten-minute sets – and several bands who have showcased at the Wide Days convention. They include Honeyblood, Stanley Odd, Withered Hand, Roman Nose, Plum, eagleowl and more.

Dan (Withered Hand) Willson will be playing a short set on the opening evening on Thursday the 27th March so keep the evening free. His fantastic new album, New Gods, just came out on Monday and he’s now hot stuff and off to play SXSW in Austin Texas. This is him, hot stuff, intimate, in his kitchen, almost just got up and daring you to volunteer to do the washing up.


Barney’s Beer have contributed some of their lovely beer and there will be some food and so on. It’ll be a Smörgåsbord of fun, so do pop along!

The exhibition proper, will grace our walls for the month of April.
Facebook event.

Contact Jannica here:


More (exciting) news coming up.



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