For use in situations when another shop steals a photo from your website.  Let off steam using arts and crafts. #Records For Sale. It’s a hashtag, honest. Anyway, there’s a few things to blow our VoxBox horns about.

Records For Sale

Just DJ it!

Our open turntable DJ Night has been good fun. It’s held on the on the last Thursday of the month at our neighbours down the road, The Last Word Saloon. Basically, you book a 30-40 minute slot and bring records that you like. Tunes you wish were on the radio, guilty pleasures, or for people that just fancy giving DJing a go. It’s geared at complete beginners and amateurs, so any fancy stuff with crossed hands spotted over the mixer will lead to stern tutting. But hey, knock yourself out. Just send an email with your preferred time to

Send us your stuff!

A friend and I have booked a wee radio show on Fresh Air Radio during the fringe. That is, two hours from 1800 to 2000 every Wednesday for three weeks starting on the 7th August. This will be all new music and we will be playing music from tiny labels and tunes from the established medium and huge labels to see if folk can tell the difference. There will be some record shop based banter too. Sound like fun? This could be a disaster! For a start, my mate is called Dominic which leads to the awful “Dar and Dom” monicker. Dardom? Like the theme music to Jaws perhaps?

“Send us your stuff!” is the new mantra. We just want to play new stuff. For example if you think you are the best band in Leith and have a record out, send us your stuff! Same goes if you are reading this in Manchester, Los Angeles or Lebanon. Send us your stuff! Simply send us a copy and we will probably play it. The show will be vinyl only to begin with.

Sunday Sessions

Every Sunday from very soon we’ll be filming bands doing acoustic numbers in our shop and if we tire of that, maybe in different shops all the way down our street. Basically impromptu stuff. Turn up, do a handful of tunes, be filmed doing them by friend of the shop William, possibly talk to me on camera for a few silly questions too. A Sunday sesh will be from 1600. Turn up, if there’s a small crowd, great! Play a few, get put on the site. Or turn up, no crowd, play a few, get filmed and put on the site.

I don’t mind if it’s 5mins or 25mins. It’s not intended to be a proper gig. It’ll just be a regular thing for a band to bash out the tunes and hopefully get a wee crowd and a bit of publicity. Begins soon…

The idea is to get bands onto our shop website and on our youtube channel. Voxboxmusicbox. A bit like the mighty Wounded Knee on Record Store Day:

Oh and we’ll put your record on the shelf too.
Er. That’s it!

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